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The PalinDrome: Palin's Thoughts for December 13, 2007:


I'm Baaaaaaaack...


It's been a while since I've posted here, and for that I'm sorry, but I had to take some time off for final exams. However, now that the semester is nearing its end, I can get back to business. And what business there is to get back to! In my absence, they've gone and implemented 3v3 battles, among other things. So, I got on tonight and updated my ChaoticPad (fortunately for me, it went down without a hitch), and started picking fights.

This was my first time playing 3v3, and it didn't turn out very well. I played 3 matches, and even though I won two, it was because my opponents' ChaoticPads stopped working (that or they went and got a bite to eat and let me beat up on them for a bit). The other person actually played, and they kicked my butt from here to the Underworld and back.

Speaking of the Underworld, that just happens to be the tribe I'm using right now, because that's where I happen to have most of my really good cards. Still, trying to get a working attack deck for these guys is tough. Sure, I have more than a few Fire attacks, as well as Power attacks, but I don't have enough. As a result, I have to run cards like Rustoxic, Rip Tide, Spirit Gust, Shadow Strike, etc., and I just weakens my army as a whole. They aren't totally useless, though, as my Battlegear does its best to boost Courage, and I have a Torrent Krinth on one of my creatures so he can benefit from Water attacks.

On another note, I'm noticing a common element in other people's armies: the inclusion of a Creature with Range and Swift 1. I also see that it can be done one of two ways, up front or in the back. Personally, I keep my ranger in the front so that it can attack the (usually) weaker creature hiding in the back, but I also saw people putting their ranger in the back so that they could have more creatures threatening my front line. I think both strategies are viable, but I prefer mine because I like surprising the enemy's back (and I'm biased :P ).

Finally, I want to talk about the Chaotic Wednesday Rewards program, which I think is a brilliant idea. I'm not just saying that because I love free cards (though I do love my free cards!), but also because it's nice that they are willing to give something to the beta testers for putting up with the bugs and other things plaguing the system. It also gets people to play on Wednesdays, right after they update the game (if I'm not mistaken). The more people play, the more people are testing, and the sooner bugs can get found and (hopefully) reported. Good job, TC Digital/4Kids!

Even though I was away for almost a month, you're still only getting one Card of the Day out of me! Tonight's card is an Attack called Degenervate. This is one of three in a series of cards in which your creature temporarily sacrifices its ability to perform elemental damage in order to cause some other effect. Degenervate is nice because it takes down the opposing creature's Courage, Power, Wisdom, and Speed by a factor of 25, making it much easier to deal damage with Discipline-oriented attacks. And in my opinion, Discipline attacks could always be easier to score damage with. What makes it even better is that it costs 0 BP, so including it will actually free up BP for another powerful attack. That's not bad, in my book.

Until next time (which will hopefully be sooner than a month),





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