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The PalinDrome: Palin's Thoughts for November 14, 2007:


Last Week's Chaotic Pad Update and Multiple CotD's!


[Note: Palin sent this to me on 11/11, however, it is my fault that it has not gone up until tonight -- sorry]


    First and foremost, I just want to apologize for not posting anything last week. I've been busy with school, and just couldn't get around to writing. Today, I'm going to talk about last week's update (which was a little more noticeable than the previous week's). Also, to sort of make up for the lack of activity last week, I'm going to do three Cards of the Day instead of just one!

    Last Wednesday's Chaotic Pad update brought the addition of sound to Chaotic matches. Now, sounds play whenever you play an attack, and what sound plays is dependent on the element of your attack. I didn't get around to trying them all, but I do know that fire attacks have a crackling flame sound effect to them, and water attacks have a splashing sound to them. The other welcome addition is the new and more secure password box. Previously, whenever you typed your password into Chaotic Pad, everybody could see what it was. Now, the letters are replaced with asterisks (*), like every other password system. They seem to be making decent progress on Chaotic Pad, and although I'm still disappointed in the lack of a Flash-based system, I'm learning to live with it.

    Now then, to the subject of the Cards of the Day. The first one is Mepidim Oasis. The home of the Mipedians should grant them some form of advantage over their enemies, and Mepidim Oasis does just that: the first attack a Mipedian makes in Mepidim Oasis does an additional 10 damage on top of any other Invisibility Strikes. And with the bulk of the Mipedians having an Invisibility Strike of 10 or 15, that can add up. The second card I'll review is Iron Balls. I like this card, even though I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. What's nice about it is the fact that when you play it, nobody can play Tribal Mugix until the end of the turn. No Fanfare of the Vanishing. No Chorus of the Hive. No Hymn of the Elements or Discord of Disarming. All of that, for only 1 BP! Finally, I'll review a piece of Battlegear: Nexus Fuse. This is another card I want to get my hands on, because it's useful for the start of the battle, and it's useful for ending it. You start off with 5 extra energy, which is always nice, but the best part of Nexus Fuse is the fact that once you've used up that 5 energy, you can throw it at the opposing creature's face for an easy 15 damage!

    So there you have it! Three card reviews. Next time, I'd like to review the card trading system (according to Chaotic|Teia's post, we should be expecting that this Wednesday). Until then...





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