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The PalinDrome: Palin's Thoughts for November 1, 2007:


The First Patch


   This one's going to be a little short, but I wanted to cover the patch for Chaotic Pad today. I'm happy that they're going to be updating the game every Wednesday. It means that there's a chance that they'll get rid of everything I didn't like about the software.

    After running the Chaotic Patcher (which ran a lot faster this time than it did when I first used it), the first thing I noticed was that Chaotic Pad now had a help function, which allows new players to figure out the game much faster. That's not to say experienced players couldn't learn a thing or two, as well: just today I learned that you can right-click and drag to rotate the battleboard, and you can scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the battleboard. Other than the help button, though, I didn't notice any other improvements to the game (there could, however, be improvements "under the hood" that I can't see).

    Before I sign off for the night, I want to present you with a theory I have. After snooping around in the folder where Chaotic Pad is located on my system, I noticed that Chaotic Pad appears to be written using the Microsoft XNA framework, which is used to make the development of Windows games faster and easier. This leads me to believe that perhaps they originally planned to do it in Flash, but something went wrong (perhaps it didn't work, or the data was corrupted, or something like that), and with the release date coming up quickly they decided it'd be better to throw something together using the Microsoft XNA framework than to push the game back yet again. That's my guess, and I'm going to stick with it until some official word is released (IF it's ever released).

    Today's Card of the Day is the infamous Allmageddon. We all know it's spectacularly powerful if you have access to every element, but that usually only happens if you have a Heptadd or you're fighting at Stronghold Morn, which isn't always going to happen. But don't be mistaken into thinking that Allmageddon is only useful in certain rare circumstances; due to the way it works, it's actually one of the most flexible cards you could have in your Attack Deck. Consider this situation that happens to me more than I would like: I'm up against an Underworlder who is Intimidating my Courage down so low that cards like Shadow Strike and Spirit Gust are useless. I hate being stuck with attacks I can't use! However, no matter what, I can always use Allmageddon in any situation (barring anything that disrupts attacks, but that's not limited to Allmageddon). If my creature doesn't have any elements, I still do 10 damage, no questions asked. However, I usually plan on using creatures with at least one element (because elemental attacks do damage more consistently than stat-based attacks), so that means I'll being doing 20 damage. And for me, dealing 20 damage is a rare occurrence, and is enough to take out some Danians and Mipedians in one shot (not that I'd waste an Allmageddon on a small fry like that). It gets better though; creatures like Laarina and Slurhk that have 2 elements (and tend to have few other redeeming traits) will do a whopping 30 damage. That's 2 Viperlashes worth of damage, my friend, in just one attack! Is Allmageddon risky? I suppose, but it can fit into just about any army build, assuming you have at least a few elemental creatures (and you're bound to), and can be used by any creature in any situation to varying degrees of effectiveness.





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