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The PalinDrome: Palin's Thoughts for October 27, 2007:


Initial Thoughts To Online Play

    Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I was looking forward to writing about the online play, but by the time I actually managed to get on, it was getting rather late. So, I'm going to talk about it today.

    I have to say, I'm somewhat disappointed in the online battling portion of the site. I was under the impression that there were no downloads, which was great because I'm not a Windows user (I have it, I just don't use it much because I don't like it). And I know it's possible to do online battling via Flash or even Java applets, because I've seen it done before. So when I found out that I'd have to download a program and keep it running while I'm on the ChaoticGame site in order to play, it seemed rather ridiculous. And it isn't like the program is even very good. So far, I've had it close unexpectedly a few times, and had it log me off for no reason a few other times. All of this happens while I'm battling, leaving my creatures commander-less while the opponent just beats up on them for an easy win. And, while I understand that it is beta, if you're going to delay a game for almost a year in order to get the online portion straightened out, it'd better work when you do release it.

    I have a smaller complaint about the challenge system and it's companion, the tournament page. I was expecting more of a room-based system in which one person creates an empty "table," which broadcasts to the other players that that person is looking for a game. This system is used by most other online, two player games (like those on Yahoo Games and Pogo). I don't like having to challenge a specific person, because there's no guarantee that they'll accept, and if they do accept there's no alert to inform you of it. This leads to yet another situation where you can lose a game without even knowing it. Also, while I like that there's a button on the ranking page that lets you challenge people, there's no indication as to whether or not they can accept challenges [challenges only go through if a) they're logged on to the site and the game, b) they're available, and c) they're not in another game].

    That said, when everything works, the game is pretty fun. It's easy to attack (just click the card you want and then press "Play"), and the chat isn't too bad either (it has its kinks, like a backspace that works but doesn't show that it's working until you try to type again). I really like how the strikes are timed, because I was worried that some unscrupulous players might just stall until their opponent gets bored and surrenders. The small images above the chat window show which attacks were last played (though I would much prefer a text-based indicator right in the chat window of who played what and how much damage it did). It's fun as long as you can get it working.

    Finally, the Card of the Day for today is a Battlegear called Stone Mail. I imagine this getting some use in 1v1 matches (I already played against one person using it, and only managed to win because I got some lucky draws). It has a number of effects, the most important being that the Creature equipped with it gains 50 Energy. However, it comes at a price: the armor is so heavy that the Creature wearing it can't move or use any activated abilities, and it takes 5 extra damage any time it is hurt. However, moving isn't terribly important in a 1v1, and most activated abilities on Creatures aren't all that useful at this stage in the game. And although you take 5 extra damage every time you are damaged, the 50 extra Energy offsets that a great deal. If you ever find yourself in the possession of a Stone Mail, you should try it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

--Palin (formerly Dangeresque)

PS: One more thing. I was reading the Knowledge Base a few days ago (it's under the "Help" portion of the site), and I learned something interesting regarding the effect "Element X." It turns out that a creature doesn't need to have the same Element as the Element X type in order to benefit from it. For instance, if I were to equip my Rellim (a Water type) with a Viledriver (gives Fire 5), and then try to use Steam Rage (5 Fire, 5 Water), it would still do 10 damage even though Rellim doesn't have Fire. This is because Fire 5 affects Fire-type attacks, not Fire-type creatures. Steam Rage, being both Fire and Water, does 5 Water damage, and then does an extra 5 damage because of Fire 5. This means that creatures that lack a certain Element can still benefit from attacks containing that Element, and can do it for the entire match (as opposed to if you equipped them with something like a Pyroblaster or a Diamond of Vlaric, which only lasts the turn you sacrifice it). Nifty, huh?




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