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The PalinDrome: Palin's Thoughts for October 25, 2007:


Initial Thoughts on the Portal

    After yesterday's exciting launch of the Chaotic online portal, many fans are buzzing about the game that could be the next big thing in the TCG genre. I'd like to take the time now to express my thoughts on the portal, as well as my impression of one of the cards that I hadn't seen before. I'll begin with the portal.

    The Chaotic online portal is a major selling point for the game, and it looks very nicely done. Registration was my first order of business, and was very easy to do; it was no different than registering for any other site. After that, I decided to upload the "Beyond Rare" cards I got from the two giveaways held a few months ago. This is where I started to have some difficulty. The code uploading process itself was easy; there's a link to the code upload page on every page of the site in the upper right hand corner, and all the codes I received were valid. However, when I went to check out my virtual cards, only 7 of the 20 were counted as part of my collection (apparently a lot of people are having this problem, so I imagine it'll be fixed in a matter of days, or maybe even before this blog entry is posted).

    After uploading the cards, I checked out the "Collection" portion of the portal. The Collection page is like an interactive checklist of all the cards in the set. When you first access the page, all of the card thumbnail images are grayed out. As you add cards, though, the thumbnail image becomes full-color, and a small green circle with the number of copies you have of that card appears in the upper left corner of the card image. However, what I really like about the Collection page is the fact that you can click on any thumbnail image (including the ones for the cards you don't have) and see a full image of the card. This allows you to see what certain cards do even if you don't own them yet, which is a great planning tool.

    Once I read the ability and flavor text for all 243 cards on the Collection page, I moved on to the "Learn" page, where you can find the rules and Frequently Asked Questions for Chaotic. Nothing really new, but still a valuable resource. Then, I checked out the "Portal to Perim," where you could learn a little bit more about the story behind Chaotic, set in the world of Perim. It was an interesting read, and I foresee a few interesting plots for the television show in upcoming months. Finally, I checked out the forums. I haven't taken the opportunity to post yet, but from what I've heard although the posting is faster due to less moderation, there is a slightly overactive word filter that ends up filtering out some words that don't need to be removed. However, the moderators are very responsive to the community, which is wonderful. Also, this is a Beta release, which means that some kinks have to be worked out. After time, everything will be working at maximum capacity, but right now we just need to wait.

    Before I sign off for the night, I'd like to give my thoughts on a particular card that was relatively new to me. I think I'll end each of my postings with a mini-review of a certain card, until I run out of cards to review. Tonight's card is "Lucky Shot," an Attack that totally caught me by surprise. Before the release, many people speculated that people with cards like Maxxor or Chaor were going to tear up the competition due to their overall awesome stats and abilities, but this card serves to balance the game significantly. Lucky Shot is a 4 BP, Ultra Rare, Unique Attack card that states that if the attacking creature has lower Courage, Power, Wisdom, Speed, and Energy than the opposing creature, Lucky Shot does 40 (!) damage. In other words, it provides the wussiest of creatures with a way to stand up to the big guy! However, my only worry is that it's just as hard to obtain as a card like Maxxor, Chaor, or Lore. Still, I could see this being used in mixed armies, which don't usually have the benefit of using beatsticks like the ones mentioned above. Perhaps also in a Mugician-heavy deck, just in case they wind up fighting.

    That's it for now! I'll post again tomorrow with some more thoughts on the portal, and if I'm lucky, I might even have some battle experience to talk about! Until then...

Going forwards and backwards through the world of Chaotic to bring you the goods!

--Palin (formerly Dangeresque).



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