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Bryan Gannon Chaotic Forum Interview

Toys & Video Games


Q: Will the card scanners be "a key item for the brand?" If so, how will you enter the cards into the scanner?

We are planning many exciting licensing opportunities for Chaotic.  Chaotic is a technology-based brand and the Chaotic Trading Card Game, with its unique alphanumeric code system and variable power and discipline structure, brings a new level to trading card games. The scanner will be a very important extension of the TV show for our fans and we are interviewing together with 4 Kids Entertainment for a master toy partner that can bring the same level of innovation to the scanner and the full range of Chaotic brand toys. We are challenging all of our licensees to take Chaotic branded products to the next level. You will start seeing licensed Chaotic products within the next year including a game play strategy guide, T-shirts, hats, and trading card accessories.

Q: If you make video games of Chaotic, will they be available for x box, x box 360, ps2, ps3?  How will the appearance of the next generation consoles (Wii, X-box 360, PS3, DS) and their new features (Wii Remote, Wi-fi Play, Touch Screen) influence your decisions about a Chaotic video game?

Video games are certainly a part of Chaotic’s future.  We plan to develop a series of Chaotic video games that will be cross-platform, from hand held portable devices all the way up to PC and console driven games in the formats you have described. 

Q: If a video game was to be made, would you get some mediocre developer to develop the game or would you aim for quality and get the best developer you could find?

Any Chaotic venture we pursue will be undertaken with the same high level of quality we expect from all Chaotic products.  There is a great opportunity with Chaotic for our video game partner to build games in several formats that can utilize the revolutionary database and platform we have created.  We envision video games based on our trading card game, as well as based on the incredible fantasy based worlds of Chaotic and Perim.

Q: Besides the cards, will there be any action figures made of the Chaotic Creatures?

Yes, we will be working closely with a licensee who will be developing Chaotic Creature figurines.  Again, we will be expecting and requiring a high level of quality for this product and will be challenging our licensee to utilize technology features in this product as well.  The goal is to have this product out in late 2008 or early 2009.

Q: Will any episodes of the animated series be put on DVD?

Yes, the episodes will be available on DVD.  A release date will be announced.

Q: I noticed that other TCG's have tin sets.  The tin sets contain a special card, and about 5-6 booster packs. Will you do the same with Chaotic?

Several of us here at TC Digital have a strong experience level with, and appreciation for, holiday sets and sets in custom tin configurations.  In the future there will be specialty Chaotic Trading Card sets available, but you can expect us to challenge ourselves to be more innovative than what is currently being delivered in the tin sets

Q: Any plans on Chaotic comic books?

Plans for Chaotic comic books are already underway. 

Q: Will there be any plush toys made?

There will be a number of licensed Chaotic items available in the future.  Plush toys are not part of our current plans.

Accessing Chaotic


Q: Will Chaotic be playable on the browsers of mobile devices?

This is a complicated question. There will be several experiences that can be delivered to our players from a mobile device.  One mobile experience will be communication from once cards are uploaded and challenges are accepted.   We also have future plans for a game experience to be available to mobile devices as part of Chaotic’s multiplatform plan.

Q: The game is targeted at kids around the age of 12-14 and most of these kids don't have a really strong computer/internet connection. What have you done/will you do that will help to reduce lag in the online portal?

Our research and experience has shown that computers of three years of age or newer have the required CPU and graphics card capabilities to experience ChaoticGame to its potential and at an acceptable speed.  Our game works best with a high speed connection such as cable or DSL.  We are working everyday to help and assist any interested player to experience Chaotic the best way they can with the connection and computer they have.  The ChaoticGame Forums have many useful and helpful resources to accomplish this.



Q: I was wondering what was the biggest reason for your almost full year delays?

The launch of Chaotic was scheduled for fall of 2007 to ensure that the quality of the ChaoticGame website would match the high quality of the trading cards and the overall goals of the Chaotic Brand.  During this entire development process the online game experience underwent internal and external testing, as well as improvements in both performance and design of the site in the months prior to the public beta launch.  We did this based on the feedback we received and the advancements we accomplished during this time 

Q: Why did the online portal take so long to update on the 24th?

Our plans were to bring the portal up during the afternoon of the 24th.  We had some significant personal challenges during the days of 10/22 through 10/26 here in San Diego due to the San Diego wildfires.  Many of our employees were in the affected zone and were forced to evacuate their families to safety.  I am incredibly proud of the effort made by our team during this time and I know Al Kahn and the executives at 4 Kids Entertainment were very concerned for our safety and appreciative of the work our development team put forth. Two of the 4 Kids executives Carlin West and Tina Burke were actually here assisting us during this challenging time and were able to fully appreciate the efforts our team put in.  To have launched on the 24th during these fires displayed the great dedication the Chaotic team has.

Q: How difficult was it, from start to finish, to get Chaotic on the market over here? I know there were a few delays that ended up pushing the release date back almost a year. What hang-ups were there that warranted the delays?

There are always many steps and challenges in the process of launching a new brand especially one with the technology component that Chaotic has.  Our mission has always been to introduce Chaotic and the evolutionary platform it sits on as the next step in trading card games.  The release dates were carefully discussed and moved as a direct result of our goal to create a quality product and make sure that Chaotic would meet the needs and expectations of the fans.

Current Launch & Future Launches


Q: When does Chaotic come out in major retailers like Wal-Mart?

Chaotic will be available in major retailers including FYE, Game Stop, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us and Wal-Mart in the first quarter of 2008.

Q: When will Chaotic go international? (i.e. appear in Britain, Europe, Australia, etc)

In addition to the United States, Chaotic Trading Cards are also currently available in Canada.  Our international plan is in development, and translations of the cards and website for the international market are already in the works.  Expect to see Chaotic in more international markets in 2008 as we finalize our plans and TV agreements.

Q: Will Stelgar be in the second set?

Sorry, but you will have to wait for the teasers to come out.  You can rest assured that the Creature line up for next year is very strong. I am sure fans of your site can count on Chaotic to give you and your fans an early notice if they keep a close eye on your site.

Q: What will you do when you run out of code combinations for each card

The codes are made up of both letters and numbers to create a nearly infinite number of possible combinations. There will be billions of codes.

Q: If something in the game seems unfair is there a possibility that the rules may change?

As with most card games, there is an element of luck with Chaotic.  You never know which cards you will get in your decks, but that is part of what makes the game fun and exciting.  Over time, players will learn more about the game and discover the strengths and weaknesses of all the cards.  At that point, game play will be less about the “fairness” of the cards you’ve acquired, and more about developing strategies that will emphasizes the strengths of those cards.  The Chaotic Forums, the Learn Sector and meeting up with our teams at shows are all methods by which we can assist and help players to learn the game and the strategy behind some of the pairings of Creatures and Battlegear. 

Q: Later on, once the game starts to run smoothly, will the codes off of the TV work on the Chaotic game website? 

The beta game is running smoothly.  When we become aware of bugs, we work to fix them right away. Yes, these codes from the Chaotic animated series are a part of the online game now.  If someone tries to upload one of those codes and it is displayed as invalid, it is because that code and card have already been uploaded and assigned to the one player who first uploaded that code.  Multiple players cannot play with the same code, as each code is unique and will belong to only one player.  The codes collected by Chaotic Explorers on are valid and are now available to be uploaded by the players that captured them.

Q: Like in the show, will there be any code masters for us to fight against and if so is there going to be a like a bonus card for beating one?

This is something we are still working on for future game releases.  Be sure to check for future updates and release information.

Q: How many Chaotic Sets will there be after the Releasing Set?

Chaotic is a full feature trading card game and will bring to the collectors and game players a full set of Starters and series of Boosters each year. The next set to launch to the hobby market will be the second set of booster packs in early spring of 2008.



Q: Who/what's your favorite Chaotic Creature/Mugic/Battlegear/Attack/Location?

Blugon is my current favorite Creature, because Blue is my favorite color. I like to play him armed with Riverland Star Battlegear so that he deals 5 extra damage and also heals 5 every time he plays a Water Attack.  My favorite Attack is Unsanity, my current favorite Location is Riverlands and favorite Mugic is Song of Resurgence.

Q: Will you be releasing any other online TCGs like Chaotic in the future, and if so what will they be like?

Right now we are concentrating all of our efforts on Chaotic.

Q: Will you be playing online Chaotic?

I play Chaotic online every day!

Q: Will they be making more seasons of the Chaotic show to keep the card game going and more series of cards to keep the show going?

Chaotic has been picked up for a full second season in the US and Canada with plans for more seasons underway.  I expect the Chaotic Trading Card Game and Chaotic the animated TV series to grow together along with the great online game community we are building right now at

Q: What made you make cards like Chaotic?

One of the really intriguing things about Chaotic that sets it apart from other trading card games is the variable power structure of the cards.  This is important because it means that virtually no two Creature Cards are exactly the same.  In addition, Chaotic is the first trading card game that you can play in person or online by uploading the unique alphanumeric codes. We feel that today’s children are technology driven and are spending more time playing games online and over wireless devices.  Chaotic provides the natural bridge between physical trading cards and the online game play of MMO’s and online trading card games.

Q: If the game does not live up to expectations, what will happen to the game and the TV show?

Chaotic has already been exceeding our expectations since the launch, so we are very confident that both the TV show and the game will continue to be a huge hit with the fans.

Q: Will you release a remake of the original version of Chaotic that is different from the current version as either a comic book or TV series as part of your plans?

With this current version of Chaotic we honor the tradition of the original game and bring technology, art and game play advancements to it.

 Thank you Mr. Gannon for answering our questions!!!





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