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Chaotic TV Series


Adam Caroleson
Darren Dunstan
Rebecca Soler
Marc Thompson
Lacey Chabert
Jay Snyder



John Dominic Drdek
John Touhey


Film Editors:
Gordie MacEachern

Series Art Department:
Joel Carlson (storyboard artist)

Misc. crew:
Robert Puff (music preparation)


List of Chaotic Episodes:

  1. "Welcome to Chaotic, Part 1" [first aired 10/7/2006]

    1. Tom enters the world of Chaotic

  2. "Welcome to Chaotic, Part 2" [first aired 10/21/2006]

    1.    Tom's fights his first fight in the BattleDromes.  He also goes on a quest to recover his scanner in Perim on a ScanQuest.

  3. "Unexpected" [first aired 1/20/2007]

    1. Tom fights again in the BattleDrome.

    2. Kaz goes on ScanQuest to scan VileDriver in Perim.

  4. "Over Under Rent Asunder" - [first aired 1/27/2007]

    1. Kaz fights an undefeated player

    2. Tom learns the history of Perim from Sarah and Peyton

  5. "Crash Course" - [first aired 2/3/2007]

    1. Kaz fights Klay in the battle of the Battle Gear

    2. Tom scans Yokkis in Perim

  6. "The Thing About Bodal" - [first aired 2/17/2007]

    1. Tom agrees to use Bodal in his fight (his weakest asset)

  7. "Buggin' Out" - [first aired 2/24/2007]

    1. Sarah is captured by the Danians

    2. Tom, Peyton and Kaz are captured themselves while trying to free Danians

  8. "Everything Is In Flux" - [first aired 3/10/2007]

    1. Tom and Klay fight

    2. Krystella goes behind Tom's back and tells Klay of Tom's strategy before the fight begins

    3. Klay messes up Tom by using the Flux Bauble

  9. "Castle Bodhran or Bust, Part 1" - [first aired 3/24/07

    1. Tom and Kaz head to Castle Bodhran to get Reggie's Scanner

    2. On the way, Tom wagers his prized card (Maxxor) in a Challenge Match

  10. "Castle Bodhran or Bust, Part 2" - [first aired 3/31/07]

    1. Tom and Kaz are captured by Maxxor

    2. Tom and Maxxor learn to work together to get out of a bad situation

  11. "Lord of Treachery" - [first aired 4/7/07]

    1. Chaor, Lord of the Underworld summons Kaz and he is ordered to fight Van Bloot

  12. "BattleDrome of the Sexes" - [first aired 4/14/07]

    1. Peyton and Krystella fight

    2. Sarah tells Tom about Intress

  13. "Battle Lesson" - [first aired 4/21/07]

    1. Tom rescues Kit (a new player) in Perim

    2. Tom fights Kit in order to learn new tricks

    3. It is revealed that Kit is a Codemaster


Week 1
Creature Scanner Game practice scanning monsters in this new game!


Week 2

Overworld Map an interact flash map of the Overworld of Perim, with key information available

Week 3

Bonus 10,000 points

Cheat codes for Scanner Game


Week 4

IM with Tom or Kaz to find out some secrets about Chaotic!


Week 5

Audio podcast - Intercept an encoded message that Chaor sent to all Underworlders regarding a plot against the Overworld. 


Week 6

New Chaotic Flash Game

Week 7

Underworld Map


Week 8

Mugic Activity



When the player amasses 40,000 my4kids points (possible simply by completing all 8 card questions with bonus content), the player can purchase the 9th card in the my4kids marketplace.



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