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ChaoticJune27's Blog for October 23, 2007:


Information For Newbies


I've noticed there's been swarms of Chaotic fans asking some common questions,so before any of you make those question topics,look here first for your answers(answers to common chaotic newbie questions):

1).Where do I get the demo decks?
You get them here:
when you are done downloading get the file open,and try to view the cards,type In this password:
-You also might need a unzipping program,so search for It on google.
-Get adobe Reader 7 or higher.
2).Where do I buy the cards at?
You cannot buy the cards yet.

3).Where do I play the online game?
You cannot play the online card game yet.

4).How do I play the game?
You can print out some Instructions(See Question 1).

5).When Is the card game coming out?
It was first planned to be released In 2006,It was then delayed to January '07,then May 19th 2007,then June 27th 2007,then September '07,and now It's been delayed to october.

Sorry.....I just had to:
6).Do these pants make my butt look big?
How am I suppose to know?

7). How do I become a Chaotic explorer?
Going to and typing in these 5 codes will allow you to become or sign up to be a chaotic explorer:
U4J3HXU3G3G4 (Welcome)
PJ43CBD7X3N7 (What is Chaotic)
6NV642H7E863 (Creature Bio)
58B6EASY4S9E (About Codes)
FLS374SD6HA3 (About Perim)
YT64BNU25TN7 (Forum)
 Also you can type in other codes to see the bio of various creatures (these codes can be found on the Chaotic game plus site.

8). I heard that its comming out on xdate, not in october!
Perhaps since no exact date has been released, though the developers have stated that the game is coming out in October, and we all know that the Developers of a game are much more reliable than the 23 year old managing your local hobby shop.

9). I don't have ink/ a printer, what now?
Well you can always write down the creatures stats on an index card and use those or play on AIM as a few people are doing.

10). Well how do I play Chaotic on aim?
To play you would basically IM your move and your actions, i.e.: "I attack your Magmon with my Rellim"

If your using AIM which has a dice roller for randomizing attack cards and locations without having to actually print the cards (assign each card a number and type //roll-side20-dice20 to roll a 20 sided dice 20 times which would simulate shuffling the attack deck though sometimes it repeats numbers so you may have to do this twice or more. The same can be done with locations: //roll-sides10-dice1 allowing you to randomize 1 location card)

an example of the turn goes as such:

*PlayerA rolls location*
PlayerA: Rellim attacks Magmon at Everrains
PlayerB: ok, Magmon has more courage so I go first
PlayerA: ok I'll reveal my torrent kirnith
PlayerB: and im using a viledriver
PlayerB: Ill attack with emberswarm dealing 20 damage and I take 5 from my recklessness
PlayerA: ok Rellim's energy is at 30, I strike with a riptide dealing 20 damage and you also take 25 courage
PlayerB: Magmon's at 30 as well.. I attack with viperlash, and I use my mugic Canon of Casuality dealing a total of 35 damage
PlayerA: wait, I burst with my own mugic the song of resurgence

Okay,funny question time!:
11).Where has the rum gone?
Hmmm,I think Chaor took It.

12).But when the card game comes out,where do I have to buy It at?
At a local comic hobby store.

13).What about Walmart or Kmart?
When Chaotic was planned to be released on June 27 of '07,Walmart and other big retailers were going to get'em In the fall,but If It's coming out In October,big retailers might get them around christmas time(perfect for the holiday ;) ).

14).How come there not releasing It at big retailers first?
Because 4kids entertainment Isn't a big company like microsoft,so they have to start small first.

15).Wait a minute,Isn't 4kids entertainment that company that edits anime's and makes them crummy?
Well um,yes......they do.But 4kids entertainment does release the YuGiOh anime uncut on DVD(the uncut Is PG-13)...

16).Hey!Some when battling on AOL some guy said that [Attack Name] does a 100 when it actually does a 10!Do something about It!
This Is the problem with playing card games over Instant messangers,people will cheat.But we cannot do anything about It.Because we don't know everbody's screen names.So when playing a TCG,It's a role of the dice.

17).So,was Chaotic made In Japan?
No, It was made In Denmark. Your probally wondering where and what Is Denmark. Thanks to Wikipedia,I have gathered this Information:
Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries. The mainland is located north of its only land neighbour, Germany, southwest of Sweden, and south of Norway.Then Al Kahn passed It on to Bryann Gannon,and BOOM!,It's finally coming together.So originally when first planned,It failed,but thanks to Al Kahn,It was revived.

18).Are their any Chaotic video games I can buy?
There might be plans,but as of now,there's nothing.Chaotic was originally planned to be playable on the PS2,NGC,XBOX,NDS,and mobile phones.

19).Can I play Chaotic In my Internet browser,or do I have to download a program?
It was once said that you have to download a program,but then Bryan Gannon anounced that you can play It In your Internet browser,so we are not sure.

20).What would be the requirements for Chaotic online?
You need an Adobe flash player.You also might want to use mozilla firefox with It.
I'm short of time,but I'll post more later.

21).Who's LED?
LED Is Chaoticgameplus,the owner of the website.

22).What does LED stand for?
No one knows,but LED said that he used those letters In video arcades.

23).So LED's not upsessed with lightbulbs?
I guess not.Maybe this means his name Is Lucas Ezekiel Danielson?

24).Okay,now that made no sense.
I know.

25).LED sometimes says at the end of his posts,"battle on",so Is he an AdventureQuest staff member?
No,the phrase has been used way before artix entertainment(the company that made AdventureQuest).

26).Is LED Bryann Gannon?
No,he's not.

27).are you Bryann Gannon?
No.I'm not bald like he Is.

28).Who's WEB4KIDZ?
WEB4KIDZ Is a person that Is In the know of Chaotic.He knows alot about It.He may know things about Chaotic that he doesn't wanna tell us!

29).WEB4KIDZ Is Al Kahn,Isn't he?
No,Al Kahn Is 62 years old,WEB4KIDZ Is only 35 years old(that's what It said on his myspace....).

30).Are you Al Kahn?
I am 14,not 62.So the answer Is no.

31).Does WEB4KIDZ work at the 4kids TV corporation?
Hah-Hah,no,he doesn't.But he does keep track of 4Kids TV's statistics though.

32).Who's Dragonix?
Dragonix Is one of the Beta Testers of the Online game of Chaotic.

33).Are you a beta tester?
No,but I did send In my Email and all of that Info on,so I might become one(they choose who's gonna be one of them).But I doubt I will be.

34).I see this guy On the Chaotigameplus forum that's making these new TCGs,are there any big plans or anything?
No,this Is the third time he's done this,and It's generally spoofing the Chaotic TCG's gameplay.It's noly gonna be a thing to play with your firends or over your Instant messanger.

35).Wow,you seemed really rude In your old posts!
Yes,I was having some family Issues with my father,so that got me upset.I didn't really mean to offend anybody.

36).I noticed that you have a blog on,how come you haven't posted anything new In awhile?
It's because I'm waiting for some Important news,because just writing In my blog,"0/|\G!1 G0+ +0 |_3\/3| 70 IN R|_||\|35(4P3!\|/00T!Translation:OMG!I GOT TO LEVEL 70 IN RUNESCAPE!WOOT!

37).Are there any other sites where I can find Info on Chaotic?
Yes,there Is.When Chaotic was first being made,the plot was different from what It Is now.
Here are two links:

Also look at the Chaotic Directory of Websites: Chaotic TCG Directory of Links and Reources
One might work while the other one doesn't,so choose wisely.

38).Where's LED?He hasn't posted In awhile!
Nobody really knows.Some members say he got hit by a train.But that's not true.He has a family,so he's probally very busy with his family.I'd only say to start worrying If he hasn't posted anything yet In october.But hey,there's no moderation!So go crazy while you can!But don't spam!Because we'll catch It!

39).I heard some guy made a fan-made version of the online demo,where do I find It?
Read the first post In the topic,you'll find all the Info you need(the demo Is made by Dangereque):

40).Is there anymore Information I need to know about the fan-made online demo?
Pocketkoi made a topic that might help you out:

41).As of right now,what Is the official release date?
At the moment,It's going to be either late october or october 23rd.I called 4kids,but they automatically redirected me to this "tina" lady.

42).What's up with all these guys blabbering about Bakugan?What Is bakugan?
Oh my dearest me,to start off,Bakugan Is not owned by the makers of Chaotic In any shape or form.Bakugan Is a game that's based upon marble-like balls that can Transform Into a creature.There are six attributes,Fire,Water,Earth,Wind,Light,and Darkness.While there are 10 types,Robots,Snakes,Dragons,Birds,Reapers,Turtles,second-type reapers,and Dinosaurs.The game mechanics are also lame.The game Involves using the strongest creature you have,while using cards to make them even stronger.The forum Is being spammed up because of this.Did I mention that they anime has a few stereotypes In It?One of the Bakugan-addicts made a Bakugan nabble forum,but nobody cares a code about It.Here's the forum anyway:
If things get worse,a Chaotic vs Bakugan Civil War might start.The toys currnetly are only available In canada,the same with the anime.But you can watch the anime on Youtube.

43).Did LED get hit by a train again?
Yup,everybody always tells him to look bothways before walking across a railroad track,but he never listens.But thank goodness he always brings Song of Embernova,Song of Reversal,and song of resurgance music where-ever he goes.

44).Wait,are you actually saying he got hit by a train two times?
No,It's just an on-going gag on this forum,he's just busy with family.

45).What's with the silly questions?
They were just made so that the FAQ Is more notice-able,and It's also fun.

46).Wait a minute! How do you know for sure If the Chaotic Card game and online game come out on October 24th?

Here's one link:
 Press Release 6/19/07 - Delay of Launch Date

This link was posted by Dangeresque:
When going on the second link,hold down Ctrl and F to open up the search option.When on the search option,type In "Chaotic",and the results on the page will be high-lighted.

47).I heard that some of you guys can watch episodes of Chaotic before watching It on 4kids TV,how do you do that?

There are two ways you can do that:
-If you live In Canada,there's a canada-exclusive channel titled,"Teletoon".They play the Chaotic animated series and a few other anime/cartoons that you might be Interested In.
-In america,If you have Comcast Digital cable,go to Channel 1,when on channel 1,press "Kids",then click "4kids"(you might have to scroll down the screen once In order to see It),click on "Chaotic",and pick one you want to watch.

48).I heard there's a tutorial you can watch, where can I find It?
The tutorial explains the rules alot more easily than the manual does, making It better for younger players.

49).Where can I buy the demodecks?
They are being given out at comic-con, and some hobby stores are giving them out as promotions. Some people are also selling them on Ebay.

50).Will there be another delay?
As of right now, no.

51).So It's actually coming out on 24th, right?

Okay,there you have It!




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