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Chaoblog (The Blog) for February 17, 2008:


Wow, One Million Visitors to the Portal! & Ultimate Chaotic Contest


Chaotic TCG PictureIt has been a long journey, at least much longer than originally expected, but Chaotic has reached over One Million visitor hits to the site.  I cannot believe it.  I remember when there was only a few dozen of us on a few of the boards that knew anything about the game or that it even existed.  It is because of the hard work of you guys contributing initially to this site and the forum, then ultimately helping out Chaotic by being Beta Testers on the actual portal that this game has reached this level of sucess.  So give yourselves a big, big pat on the back and take a moment or two to look back and remember what we have been through over this past year (plus).


Many of us were here posting on the forum about what we were going to do with the game and how we were going to play it last year at this time. Excitement was running high in the ari, but then crash . . . there was a delay.  But we took that with only slight injury.  However, this was not the first, nor the last delay of the game.  Along the way we tried to make up our own games, complained about the lack of anything, played with the unofficial online game, watched the videos, entered the contests on this site, then finally the portal opened.  But, once again, it only opened as a Beta.  We had to suffer through the bumps and grinds of getting the portal and Chaotic pad to work, reloading the patcher for the updates each week, more complaining that things still didn't work, tyring out the new and improved functionality, then finally we are at a place and time where the world is becoming Chaotic.


Although 4Kids did reward many of you with Chaotic Wednesdays for being Beta Testers, you guys deserve a lot more than that.  Years from now when your own kids begin playing TCGs, you can look down at them and say "I helped to make Chaotic a success".  Then they will look up at you and think to themselves "you are too old to have ever played any of type of card game."  But the memory of it all will still be yours.


One of the best things to have come out of all of this pre-game waiting has been the comradely and freindship that many of you guys have shown towards me and others.  We stuck together, supported and befreinded each other as the game progressed.  I hope this community continues to grow with the game as well into the future.


I also want to mention the Ultimate Chaotic Prize Pack Contest.  We are giving away a really cool prize pack of some really cool Chaotic related merchandice that includes:


  • Chaotic Messenger Bag

  • Chaotic T-shirt

  • Chaotic Poster

  • Chaotic Window Cling

  • Chaotic Starter Deck

  • Chaotic Booster Pack

To enter the contest and your chance to win this prize pack, go to out Chaotic Giveaway Contest page,


Well that's enough for now, I wish everyone good luck on the contest.


See you on the battlefield,




The Lord of Perim







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