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Chaoblog (The Blog) for January 28, 2008:


Happy New Year! . . . Many Updates


Oh wow, a whole month has gone by without an update.  First I was really busy with the holidays then a bunch of personal issues crept up on me and kept me out of commission for the last few weeks.  Had to take care of all of it, but really had no time for Chaotic.  Unfortunately I have not been keeping up with news, updates or even the forum.  I'll try to get you guys some updates ASAP, including the ones I have below.  Let me first say, Happy New Year!! (although it is a few weeks late!)


Official Chaotic Player's GuidePrima Official Strategy Guide

The official strategy guide created by Prima Games ( will be released on April 16th.  We have been given an early look at what the cover looks like (the Prima site does not even have it as of this writing). Yes, the image to the right is kind of small, but click on it to see a nice large image.  It looks pretty cool if you ask me.  Unfortunately the guide will be released after the "official" launch date, but from what I hear, the guide will include everything you wanted to know about creating, setting up and strategising with your armies. For the Prima Chaotic page, see



Toys 'R Us Chaotic Feature Shop

A special Chaotic shop is now open through March 31st inside Toys“R”Us Times Square!  Chaotic Trading Card Game Demonstrations will be given inside the shop every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Unfortunately, it is only in New York City, but maybe if this works out, they will open in other Toys 'R Us around the U.S. and Canada (or at least we can hope).  If you are in NYC, you might want to drop by or tell your freinds to come by to see what all the hype is about.  I am going to try to make it by there one day just to check it out myself.  Maybe I'll see one of you guys there.


If you cannot make it, here's some pictures (and for more pictures click here)


Chaotic Shop Picture

Chaotic Feature Shop at at Toys 'R Us in Times Square

Click here for more pictures


Mugic!    Mugic!     Mugic!

Well, the biggest news for players is that we can now use Magic, uh I mean Mugic. The musical magic of Perim. 

Well, if you have not already done so, you need to run the Chaotic Patcher to get all of the updates that will allow you to use Mugic in your battles.  However, we suggest that you read the following THREE threads on the official site first: (1) Teia's Mainenance update at; (2) Cyckick's Mugic and Burst Overview at; and (3) Zaktar's Mugic in the Chaotic Pad at


I am repeating Teia's reminder from her post:

REMINDER: You MUST run the Chaotic Patcher after every "Chaotic Wednesday" Update before using the game pad again!

• The best way to do this is to either click on the “Chaotic” icon on your desktop or open the TC Digital folder from the Start menu.
• Run “Chaotic” (not the “Chaotic Pad”) from there.
• The Patcher will start updating.
• Once it is finished patching, you can start the game again!

Also with this updates were a bunch of other fixes and updates, so you need to run the patcher to get everything up-to-date. (see Teia's Maintenance update for all the specifics)


Alert: Not All Cards Are Fully Implemented

Teia (who probably knows more than anyone about Chaotic) has listed a number of cards that are only partially implemented with this release.  Unfortunately, this means that some powerful cards, such as Chaor will not be 100%, however, they are working to get all of the cards up to their full capacities as soon as possible.  The cards include Chaor, Interlude of Consequence, Kannen, Melody of Malady, Mipedian Cactus, Najarin, Talisman of the Mandiblor, Castle of Bodhran, Mugic Reprise, Song of Deflection and the Song of Revival. For Teia's full update, check out her thread at


Chaotic Being Sold in Five, Yes FIVE Major Retailers

Remember when Beta first launched and many, many of us wanted to play, but could not find any stores that sold cards?  Well, since last month's release to FYEs, Chaotic is also being sold at Suncoast, Toys 'R Us (including Game Stop and Target.  The sale at Wal-Mart is coming very soon, so where finding a deck or pack was once very hard to do, now it will be available almost everywhere.


What Does The Future for Chaotic Hold?

Some of the big dates Chaotic has planned include 6 v 6 battles with Master Rules on February 6th, The "Official" launch on February 27th (less than one month away and the end of Beta testing), the 2nd card release of the Hive on March 19th, then as mentioned above, April 16th for the release of Prima's Official Chaotic Game Guide.  Just think how far the game has come and how far we, as fans, have helped it along.


The Palindrome

A major, major sorry to Palin.  He sent me an update to his blog weeks ago, and I never posted it, so I hope he forgives me, but give it a read, it is pretty good. So check it out at the PalinDrome.


Unofficial Chaotic Forum

I want to give a shout out to all of the guys on the unofficial forum that have been keeping it going and moderating it during my hiatus.  Many, many thank you from me and the Chaotic fan community.  The official forum is great, but I know that there are many things that either you cannot or will not say on the official forum, so you say it here and thata is exactly why it has survived all of these months, even after the launch of the official forum.  So, keep it up and once again, thank you!!!! To visit the forum go to



The Lord of Perim









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