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Chaoblog (The Blog) for December 1, 2007:


3 vs. 3 Battles & The Chaotic Pad Issues


It seems like my blog comes about every 2 two weeks.  Well, I guess not much had really happened over the last two weeks to write about until this past Thursday's launch of the 3 vs. 3 battles.  But then again, the bigger news is that some of us are having issues with playing in the 3 vs. 3 battles (including me).  I have reported the error within the official forum, as well as to my contacts.  I was well assured that they know about the issues and are hard at work trying to get them fixed.  Well, the 3 vs 3 was not originally promised to us until the middle of December, so if it takes them a little while longer to fix it, then we should have the 3 vs. 3 battles working like awesome by mid-December, instead of them launching this feature, and then having them fix the errors and bugs over the next two weeks (a time when most of you fans are on break).  Remember, they are calling this a "beta release" for a reason -- there are bugs in the system and they are relying on us to find the issues and report them (on the official forum). That way they can fix these issues before the release to the masses.  Since we are helping them out and getting frustrated by these issues, 4Kids has been trying to help us out by giving us free decks (I think that option will be going away as soon as it "officially" launches in February.  They are also giving us little incentives, such as providing us extra specdial creature cards when we play on Chaotic Wednesday (that will not be given out after the official launch). See the below message from Teia's 11/27 post at


NEW: Capture the Scan – “Chaotic Wednesday Rewards!”

• Starting next Wednesday, December 5th, players will be able to capture special creature cards that you can only get by playing on Chaotic Wednesdays!
• Each week we will select one creature and max out one of their discipline stats (Courage, Power, Wisdom, or Speed). All other stats (Courage, Power, Wisdom, Speed, and Energy) will still remain random.
• All you need to do to capture this uniquely powerful creature card is log in to on a Wednesday and play at least one match. You will then be sent an email within the next 48 hours with a unique code for that week’s “Chaotic Wednesday Reward.”
• You will only be able to capture one special “Chaotic Wednesday Reward” creature card each week, but you can play every Wednesday to get that week’s “Chaotic Wednesday Reward.”
• “Chaotic Wednesday Rewards” will be non-tradeable, unique, powerful, and a once in a lifetime opportunity! They will NEVER be offered again through “Chaotic Wednesday Rewards” or any other promotion. So be sure to start playing this Wednesday (and every Wednesday from then on) and capture them all!

So, it up to us beta testers to suffer through the problems (after reporting them), and help to get the game ready for the big launch.  But I have to admit that I am frustrated myself.  Not only did I want to play the 3 vs. 3 battles this weekend, I wanted to get in enough playing time so that I would be able to write a complete review of the Portal.  However, I am going to have to put that off until next week because I will not have the time since most of this weekend is already gone for me, and tomorrow I will not have the time.  So far, my battline experiences have been as follows:


Battle #1: Loaded the Patcher, everything looked to be running real smooth.  The site even loaded up faster than usual, and I like the way the Portal now looks.  It seems to be a lot clearer.  Even the way the instructions are set out on the patcher/pad are a lot clearer.  I got my 3 vs. 3 deck ready - I wanted to play so I really did not think about strategy, I just wanted to get in their and fight (I am really a pacifist in real life LOL!).  I probably could have matched up the best battle gear to creature a lot better, but did not want to spend the time.  Anyway, my first match was against the Code Master himself - Dragonix who had a very strong Underworld army.  Basically, he crushed me in little time, but it was good to just get in their and play.  Everything in that game seemed to work okay and I tried to hit every button I could to see how the game reacted.  In this first battle, everything worked great.


Battle #2: I was first having problems tyring to accept and make challenges.  Then someone told me to check my Chaotic Pad.  Somehow the Pad closed after the first battle and I needed to restart it.  I had a lot of applications open and did not notice that the pad was no longer open.  So, finally I restarted the Pad and played my second match against Spdrmanrm36.  All I can say is that after getting destroyed by an UnderWorld army, I now had the displeasure of being crushed again, but this time by an OverWorld army.  I tried to play a good match, but I was overpowered.  In addition, this battle did not go very well.  the game began pausing at times and then started to make some weird noises. At one time I even tried to close and re-open the pad (in which I lost a turn or two).  I knew I was going to lose, but the pausing just made it feel worse.


Battle #3: My Chaotic Pad closed again after battle #2, and I had to restart it again.  My third opponent was against Burnoutjosh.  However, I cannot really call it a battle because he/she was not playing.  I had to wait the 30 seconds and watch the clock tick down until I could move.  Although I did not want to get a cheap win, I did play around and got to take my time experimenting with each of the attacks & creatures.  It was educational, however, after defeating the first two creatures, I was unable to fight the third creature - for some reason, I could not get to/attack the very top creature.  So, I closed out of the game, and tried to play again.


Battle #4: I was able to get into a game with Jeanius, however, as soon as I entered the battle, everything froze and my Chaotic Pad went away . . . never to come back again.  I tried to reinstall the pad a few times, as well as leave and come back into the game, I closed and reopened the browser, etc.  But I have not yet been able to play again.  Also, just logining into the Pad was very slow at times yesterday and sometimes took me a minute or two to type everything in -- but it did not matter since I was unable to battle anyway.


Well today was a new day.  I found out that they are working real hard to fix these issues, but I tried to reinstall the entire game/patcher this afternoon, but still nothing.  I was able to accept a challenge (I think from Pocketkoi), but my Pad closed and I was unable to join him in battle.


[Thank you to everyone who gave me battle - or tried to.]


So that is a rundown of my 3 vs. 3 battling experience so far.  I (as do you all), hope that they fix this soon.  However, I guess that some of you are able to play, and I hope you are enjoying yourselves.


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (mine was pretty good - lots of food & family), and if you are heading into your midterms or finals at school -- good luck to you (including our very own Palin).


Did anyone see the Avatar last night?  Excellent episode.  I've been watching this series since its inception, and it is probably my favorite animated series right now behind the Simpsons (sorry Chaotic TV). I am usually not around on Saturday mornings when Chaotic is on, so I unfortunately do not get to see it every week.  However, I am usually home on Friday evenings (for the Avatar) and Sunday nights (or weekday reruns) for the Simpsons.


May we all feast to our victories in Perim,



The Lord of Perim







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