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Chaoblog (The Blog) for November 1, 2007:


The Fix Is In: Portal Updates


At first I was going to write about the initial update that 4Kids did to the site, and what affect it had, but my co-blogger Palin beat me to the punch on his post tonight (read The First Patch).  My next idea was to finally write my review of the portal, but I am already tired after a very long day and do not have the time to do the portal justice.  So tonight I will just give a few random fact and stuff that I have observed, and also re-print the update schedule.


2 Million Registered Users

No, sorry to say, not on the Chaotic Portal.  Yu-Gi-Oh Online has a whopping 2 Million Registered Users.  It is up to us Chaotic faithful to start spreading the word about the game.  Let them know how cool it is.  Also start talking about the Portal and about the free deck you get when you join up, so anyone can play for free.  The more people that know about it, the more people that play, and the better the game and the Portal will keep on getting.  So lets start telling everyone we think would be interested in playing, and hopefully when the game goes into its big launch in February, there will be 2 Million of us Chaotic fans registered and playing online.  Talk to your freinds at school, talk to your family, and remember to ask the store owners at your comic/hobby shop when they are getting in the cards - and even though it is early, start asking your Wal-Mart or other large retailer when they are getting in the cards.  4Kids is trying to do its part by making and improving on the Portal, and they have already produced a great card game offline, I have been trying to do my part by creating and maintaining this website and forum, and getting you guys as much news as I can, so now you can do your part too by spreading the word.


Our Unofficial Chaotic Forum

Well, after asking what you guys think I should do with the forum, most people said that it should keep going, even with the official forum now in existence.  In a sense it is everyone's forum, so I wanted you guys to choose its fate. Those that said to kill it, mostly said so because of the lack of some of the functionality.  So I have taken your advice, and will keep the forum active, at least until the big launch in February.  In the mean time, Nabble is going to implement "stickey" threads, which a lot of you had asked for.  I will also try to work on the look of the forum to make it a little more appealing to look at.  If there is anything else you guys want, just post it on the forum.  Thanks for all of the faithful that still post there, and although it is not as action filled as the week or two before the Beta launch, there is still a lot to talk about with all of these updates going on - and you guys keep on coming up with great topics.  This forum is also a little less restrictive, which may be a reason why some of you guys keep coming back.  As long as the forum is usefull, I will keep it maintained.  Also, please remember to search for topics already being discussed before starting a new thread, and if you do start a new thread, please, please, put it in a child forum.


The Update, Patch & Launch Schedule

As you have hopefully read on the official forum in the Portal, or on the thread I made in the forum, there will be a number of updates over the next few months either correcting problems, or adding features.  I have reprinted their list of updates below, but I will comment on a few right now.  They highlighted the "most important dates" already, being those where the extra functionality, like using mugic and location cards, or having larger creature armies to battle below.  Although these are great to see, I think that the most important dates for us right now are the November 7th and 14th updates.  I think that those two updates will give us the better and smoother game play and downloads that we really are looking for to just go in and enjoy the game.  Once they get all of those irritating errors and hang-ups out of the way, the cooler updates to make the site more fun are right around the corner beginning on November 28th, when we can start casting Mugic and have locations to add or detract from our battles.  Then the 3 on 3 battles on December 19th will bring a lot of strategy to the game which is the part of these games I enjoy the most.  This is topped off on February 27th, with the full launch of the Portal and the 6 on 6 matches.  Also remember that those commercials will probably be up in January/February, and the improvements do not end with the main launch.  From what I heard, there will be even more features and cool things added on to the Portal as time goes on.  It will be beyond awewome.


Below you will find some key information to give you an idea of what you can look forward to as we move forward:

- Every Tuesday, we will post what changes will occur on “Chaotic Wednesdays.”
- Servers will be down between midnight and 4am PST every Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning for maintenance and updates.
- Be sure to check the site every “Chaotic Wednesday” for new content, functionality, game play and more!

Most Important Dates:

- November 28th
     o Mugic and Location Cards to be implemented (1v1 Master Rules)
- December
     o 2008 updated schedule to be announced
- December 19th
     o 3 Creature Army Gameplay to be implemented (3v3 Master Rules)
- February 27th
     o Official Launch (End of Beta)
     o 6 Creature Army Gameplay to be implemented (6v6 Master Rules)

Major Highlights for upcoming “Chaotic Wednesday” Updates:

November 7th:
- Game Pad Updates (requires Chaotic Patcher to be run):
o Additional Sounds Implemented
o Improved Minimize Functionality
o Improved Password Protection
o Turn Viewer Improved, Warnings Improved
- Site Updates:
o Improvements to Registration
o Improvements to Card Upload

November 14th:
- Game Pad Updates (requires Chaotic Patcher to be run):
o Full Sounds Implemented
o Discard Pile Viewer Functional
- Site Updates:
o Card Trading Implemented

November 21st:
- Game Pad Updates (requires Chaotic Patcher to be run):
o Avatar Transition Animations
o Attack Animations
o Various Other Animation
- Site Updates:
o Location Selector added to Army Builder

November 28th:
- Game Pad Updates (requires Chaotic Patcher to be run):
o 1v1 Master Rules (Location and Mugic included)
- Site Updates:
o Mugic Selector added to Army Builder

December 5th:
- Game Pad Updates (requires Chaotic Patcher to be run):
o Chat History Improvements
- Site Updates:
o Organized Play Additions

December 12th:
- Game Pad Updates (requires Chaotic Patcher to be run):
o Chat History Improvements
- Site Updates:
o Dynamic Leagues and Rankings

December 19th:
- Game Pad Updates (requires Chaotic Patcher to be run):
o 3v3 Master Rules
- Site Updates:
o 3v3 Army Builder

December 26th: (NO UPDATE)

PLEASE NOTE: This week’s site update will occur on Thursday, so our servers will be brought down tonight (Wednesday 10/31) at midnight and be brought back up Thursday at 4am PST. Please see below for our "Chaotic Wednesday-even though it's happening on Thursday" Update Notes.

Site Updates:
- Improvements to League System
- Improvements to Home Page Performance
- Game Pad Updates (requires Chaotic Patcher to be run):
o Help Screen Implemented
o Additional Sounds Implemented
- Bareth Beyond Avatar Showing


Overheard in the battle room:

"If you are not signed in as LED001, then who are you playing as?"




The Lord of Perim







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