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Chaoblog (The Blog) for October 29, 2007:


Important Stuff You Need To Know About Using the Portal


In today's post, I am going to list and put down a bunch of stuff, we as users, especially brand new users, need to know to help ourselves better use and play in the Chaotic Portal.


1) BETA Launch

The launch of the Chaotic Portal was a public Beta Launch.  This means that it is still in the testing phase, and not the fully functioning website that will be avaialble when it is finished and actually launched.  As such we (all of the users) have the opportunity to be Beta Testers for the site and help to make it better.  Do not be discouraged, this is NOT the final product.  However, the cards themselves were also released and are awesome.


2) Error & Bug Reporting

Working in Beta means that there are some issues that may be in the system. We quickly found many of them.  Inititially, I was helping out by gathering some of the errors, however, 4Kids would like all errors to be reported on the official forum on the forum at This will allow the development team to find the errors quicker, and also speed up fixing the errors.


3) Walkthrough

If you do not know where to go or what to do after registering on the Chaotic Portal, Dragonix (Chaotic expert, 4Kids mod & a great guy) posted the following detailed walkthrough for people to get them familiar with the Portal and let them know what they need to do.  The post is located at


Virtual Deck:

1. Click on the flashing icon between the Help icon and the Loading icon on the middle navigation pane. This will bring up the Virtual Deck selection page.
2. Click on 1 of the 4 decks. Choose wisely, you will only be able to obtain one of these decks.
3. Click OK when the site asks if you are sure about your selection when you have decided on the particular deck you want.
3. The site will email you a Mastercode to the email you used to sign up with.
4. Navigate to the Enter The Code page and enter your Mastercode.
5. Once the Mastercode has been verified click on Upload Cards. You have now added the deck to your account.

Build an Army:

1. Navigate to the Army Sector.
2. Type in an Army name of your choosing and click New.
3. Choose 1 Creature and add it to your Army by dragging it from your collection into the top empty slot in the middle of the battlegrid. (This is the Creature Node.)
4. Choose 1 Battlegear and add it to your Army by dragging it from your collection into the bottom empty slot in the middle of the battlegrid. (This is the Battlegear Node.)
5. Click on the Attack icon (a sunburst circle symbol) next to your Army name. This will cause the Attack deck to slide out.
6. Drag and drop 20 attack cards into the empty slots within the Attack deck. (You must have 20 attack cards which total no more than 20 points.)
7. Once you have added these cards your Army is built and saved. (The site automatically saves your Army every time you make a single change.)

Download and install the Chaotic Pad:

1. After logging into the website click on the Chaotic Icon located just to the left of the Enter The Code button. This will bring up the Installer page.
2. Choose to download the Novice or Advanced Installer. (Please read my previous post entitled "Updated: Chaotic Installer" to choose which install method you prefer.)
3. Install the Chaotic Pad by running the chosen Installer program after the download is complete.

Run the Chaotic Pad:

1. After successfully installing the Chaotic Pad, click on the desktop icon placed on your desktop from the install. At this point you should see a username/password login screen.
2. Login using your account.

At this point you are almost ready to play. You will now need to have an army built so that you can challenge an opponent. Challenging an opponent is how you create games.

Challenge another Player:

1. Check to make sure that you have an army built.
2. Check to make sure that the Chaotic Pad is still running and that you are logged in.
3. Navigate to the Challenge Sector on
4. If you know a buddy you want to Challenge, click create Challenge. (You can also click on a username within the Challenge sector to Challenge that player.) A box will drop down from the navigation pane where you can fill out the details of the Challenge. Input the opponents nickname, choose your army, input a Challenge taunt, and then click Challenge. (NOTE: The other player must be logged into their Chaotic Pad for the Challenge to be created.)
5.The challenge should now appear in your Challenge list as an OUT (Outgoing) Challenge. At this point you must wait until the other player accepts the Challenge.
6. Once the other player accepts the challenge your Chaotic Pad will load your game instantly.

Accept a Challenge:

1. Any INC (Incoming) Challenge in your Challenge list are Challenges that other players have sent you.
2. Any INC Challenge that has the Chaotic symbol highlighted is able to be accepted at that moment. (The red highlighted Chaotic symbol indicates that the other player is online and logged into their Chaotic Pad.)
3. To accept a Challenge click on the Challenge and a drop down box will appear out of the navigation pane.
4. Select your Army and click Accept. At this moment you will be prompted to switch to your Chaotic Pad. As soon as you click OK your game will start on the Chaotic Pad.

Notes on Gameplay:

*The object of the game is to defeat your opponents Creature by playing Attacks until their Energy is reduced to 0.
*The first player to defeat their opponents Creature wins the game.
*In this beta release only Creatures, Battlegear, and Attacks are active. Mugic and Locations will be added in a future release.
*This release only features 1 on 1 battles. 3 on 3 and 6 on 6 battles will be added in a future release.

Playing the Game:

1. The server will randomly select one player to attack first. This player will become the first Active player.
2. The Active player will select one of their 3 attack cards by clicking it and then clicking the Play button. The corresponding damage from the attack will be applied to the opposing Creature.
3. The next player will select one of their 3 attack cards and play it. The corresponding damage from the attack will be applied to the opposing Creature.
4. Players alternate playing Attacks (called Striking) until one Creature's Energy has been reduced to 0.
5. The player who controls the remaining Creature wins the Game!

After the game click continue. This will return you back to the starting screen on the Chaotic Pad. At this point you are ready for another battle! Switch back to the ChaoticGame website to accept or create another Challenge.

4) Minimum Requirements to Play on the Portal


In yet another informative post by Dragonix, he posted the minimum requirements needed to play on the portal (posted at


Windows® System Requirements

Windows® System 2000 OS:

Intel Pentium® *** *** MHz or AMD® Athlon *** MHZ
512 MB or more RAM
32 MB 3D graphics card such as NVIDIA® GeForce™ 4 card or above [Must support pixel shader 1.1 or higher]
DirectX® 9.0c (included) and the latest video drivers
250MB available hard drive space
Broadband Internet connection or better

Recommended Specifications

Windows® System 2000 OS:

Intel Pentium® IV 1.5 GHz or AMD® *** 1500+ MHz
1024 MB RAM
64 MB 3D graphics card such as NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5700 card or above [Must support pixel shader 1.1 or higher]
DirectX® 9.0c (included) and the latest video drivers
Broadband Internet connection or better and scroll-wheel mouse

*Firefox is the recommended web browser  

NOTE: These two posts were found in the Announcements and News section of the Portal.  You should make it a habbit to check out these sections whenever you enter the portal, you never know what type of useful information you can find.

5) All Errors Are Being Reviewed and Will Taken Care Of

We should give ourselves a big pat on the back, we have provided great feedback with our problems and errors. So now the tech guys are reviewing and fixing all of the errors and bugs we told them about.  In fact, you may have noticed some of the errors have already been fixed, which is a good sign that they are working as hard and as fast as possible to get us a smoothly running website.


6) For those of you that do not know, Palin (formerly Dangeresque), has been writing a blog on this site called the PalinDrome.  He has already written a few posts including some of the Bad and Good about the Portal and the Online play. Yes, I still owe you guys my own review, but I hope my last few blogs have been just as informative



The Lord of Perim







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