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Chaoblog (The Blog) for October 27, 2007:


Battle On!


I, like the rest of you, are in the same boat.  My expectations were greater than what I have recieved so far.  Although I originally promised a review of the whole portal, I think that today, I am going to kind of talk about, or highlight the good and the bad (in my opinion) or the Battle Challenge Arena and its installation process. I could just complain, but that would not do anyone any good.  So the way I am going to do this is in a table format which lists each step from the opening of the battle area to actually battling someone. For each step, I will briefly state my experience with it, what I expected, what I think 4Kids could do to make it better, then finally, any hints I have if possible (I will later update it with more helpful hints (from you guys), as I get more.









There was to much waiting.  Although we had a late opening of the Portal on Wed., it was kind of expected, but would have been nice to have been earlier.  Kind of a tease.

I had expected the battle area to open earlier in the day, or have a more definite time as to when it would launch.

Under promise and over produce.  If you say the 26th, say at 5:00 PST, then open it up at 4:00.

Everyone needs to relax.  This is a new game with all kinds of functionality that has never before been provided for a TCG.  There will be and are some bumps, but that is part of thie BETA launch.


Sometimes the login or loading of the following screen may be slow

Quicker loading of screens

Fix load or software issues

Brace yourself to wait a few seconds



1. Finding the install

At first I tried to set up my army and then go to battle, but did not know that anything had to be uploaded (as per 4Kids), but after going back to my forum, saw that people were taling about something to upload.  After a few more minutes, I found the "ACTIVATION" button

(1) I did not expect to have to upload anything and (2) Since there was something to upload, I would have expected it to be more pronounced or easier to find

When clicking on the Battle Challenge navigation icon for the first time, a BIG pop-up notice should appear with specific instructions, or an email message, or even after the first login into the Portal. Maybe the Activation button should be blinking if your pad is not installed

The "activation" button appears on the top of the Welcome screen, right of the middle of the screen (under ENTER THE CODE)

2. Clicking on "Activation"

Okay, brings you to a screen that says instruction on next page




3. Clicking on "Get Started"

I come to a screen with a lot of buttons to push/items to be installed on left of screen with stuff I really cannot read or follow on right side

I would have expected either ONE button to push or detailed instructions

Have detailed step-by-step instructions on the entire installation procedure and/or create a one-button package install where user clicks on one button, then either follow the steps on the screen, just wait until the install is complete

Click on the "Download Complete Package," and just forget about the rest.

4. Download Completion

It just ended, with no notice

A screen that said "Installation Completed" with the next steps, or really something that said - "you are ready to play".

See expectations at left

When the installation stops, and there are no more "OK" or "Next" buttons to push, you need to then install the pad.

5. Installation of Pad

I had to manually find, then install the pad myself, but had to figure it out myself because the "instruction" screen was not clear and the wording was extremely small.

I would have expected, at most, a button that said "download now" or best expectations was that the install execution would have been part of the download process -- much better instructions

Make it simpler for us, one button, even one button with prompts is fine, but having to then find the files is not cool.  Also, better instructions on how to do this would have been very, very helpful.

After the files are downloaded, you have to get the files from your start menu (bottom left button), All Programs -> TC Digital -> Chaotic (mine does not say Installer)

6. Chaotic Patcher

I did not see this coming

I figured after selecting that file, it would just install, or go to a promt screen (which I guess it does after the Patcher)

Rename the "Patcher" pop-up so that users know what is happening, or at least have it say "Launch screen will appear momentarily"

You need to wait a few seconds until the Launch screen appears.

7. Launch Chaotic Pad

Intersting to see that it says that I will need to install this every time I play (at least it is not a full download again)

I guess I did expect to see a prompt sreen.


Jusy click on the Launch button

8. Launc Pad Login

Annoyed that I need to log in a second time

I am already logged in, why do it again?

Connect initial login with launch, so that the first login is enough

Login again

9. Login Succesful

Good to finally see a "sucessful" screen.  But bad instructions about accepting/making challenges, especially if you do not have your decks set up

Login Successful screen with options as to where I may go from here: Build Decks, Challenge, etc.

See left

Click on "Minimize Game Pad." You can go to the Battle Challenge, but make sure you have built proper decks before going to battle








1. Finding Free Decks

Unintentionally clicked on the button for the free deck. I understood the instructions, however, if I did not know about Chaotic, I would not have known which Deck belonged to which tribe

(1) Better notice on where to find the free deck button, (2) The name of the tribe above/below each of the decks

Pop-up when entering Army area for first time explaining about the free decks & where to find them. A simple title to each of the decks would be helpful

Choose the tribe (deck) that you think will be of most benefit to you.  Wait for email

2. Free Deck Email

Got the email, but the Logo was not showing since I had my images off on AOL. My issue, not AO:s



The email should arrive in only a few minutes - about 3 for me.

3. Entering the Code

Entered the codes easily with no issues



Go to "ENTER THE CODE" at top of page, enter the code given, then follow screen instructions







Note: I had already uploaded my cards and tried to create a Deck, but when I went to battle, it said that I did not have 20 Attack cards. However, when I went back to my deck, I could not add any Attack cards, so I am going to go through the steps as though I was creating a new army.

1. Creating a NEW Deck

Seems easy enough to begin with, but unsure as to where I should go

Detailed instructions needed

Create step-by-step instructions on how to create an army

Put in the name of the Deck you are creating, then press "NEW"

2. Add Attack Cards

I am adding attack cards first, because of prior tries where the Attack pad disappears.  While I see it, I am going to use it.

Instruction on how, what cards to add and Reminder of that 20 Attack cards are needed in a deck to battle

See left. Also some wa to ensure that the pad does not disapear

Drag and drop your attack cards from your "Army" at the bottom into the pad that comes out from the right side of the screen. Use Search Filter to "make it easier"

3. Add Creature & Battle Gear

First found it hard to find all cards (too small on bottom and too much time to make the pictures larger)

Easier filter & way to see the cards & stats

Maybe a less graphically intensive display of cards so that they load faster, or have basic stats on mouseover. Also Search Filter is not always easy to use, sometimes it will not "grab" the item I am trying to click on.

I am not discussing tactics here, but use the Search Filter to more easily find the cards you want to use.

4. Saving Deck

I cannot find a way to save what I had just created

A "Save" button

Create a save button, or let us know that a save is not needed

Just go somewhere else in the Portal, it will save automatically

5. Editing Deck

Unable to change/edit the Attack cards on the deck if I re-load the deck.  The Attack oad does not appear.

I should be able to edit/modify any deck as my base army or experience changes

Allow us to edit a previously created Army

I guess you can change your Creature and Battle gear for now, if you want.







At one point when I clicked on "Coming Soon" icon on the top/middle of the page (after my initial loading of the pad), my IE crashed and reloaded. I then opened up the Portal again.  Now when I try to challenge someone, I get an "You Must Open Chaotic Game Before Challenging Another Player" error.  However, when I try to re-run the Launch Pad, I get a message that reads "Please close all Chaotic Game instances and try again. I then left the game and tried to log back in with no luck. I then had to totally close and open up IE again.  Then I was able to come back in and load everything.

1. The Challenge (Accepting)

I went to the Battle Challenge Area and saw who had challenges for me and clicked on one of them.

I guess, I did not expect to go directly into the game so quick.  I guess I will be expecting it next time.

No, it is something I will just get used to.

As soon as you accept/make a challenge, get ready to battle right away.

2. The Battle

Very quick, for the first time, it is hard to expect what is going to happen.

I guess battles that are a little slower, without the time limitations.

Maybe an option to have battles timed or not timed.

Play the game offline a few times to get used to how it is played, that way you are used to what all of the different stats mean.  You need to know your own cards as well as your opponents.

3. The Play

Although I had the demo decks, I never played with them, so althoug I knew the basics (from reading  & playing one demo), I basically threw out what I though were my best attack cards without any real strategy.  In a 1-on-1, if you have the right cards, you are almost unbeatable.

The game at this point, meets my expectations. Although the play is a little quick, it is what I had expected. Excellent.

Keep up the good work, but maybe slow the games down.

Know your decks. Just like any TCG, the more you play, the better you will get.

4. Winning

I am not gloating, but I won, and it happendd so fast (probably beginners luck).  I got a little message as such, now I am trying to look for the statistic page too see my win - have not been able to find it

Easily find and view winning statistics

Need better indications, instructions about where to find stats.

Do you have any for me?



I hope this helps you guys, or at least gives you some comfort that your experiences may not be as different as myself or other people out there.  I guess overall, the Portal as a whole (which I will be doing a full review on for a future blog), and the Battling are cool, and I cannot wait for the multi-creature battles where there will be a lot more strategy and skill involved.  Kudos goes out to 4Kids for bring this Portal to us (even with limited functionlaity), and I cannot wait for more.


*** Update: After writing the above, I was poking around the forum and noticed that Dragonix created a detailed walkthough that would take care of some of the mentioned issues above at, and it would be good to make sure that all users, especially new users know about it.  Thanks Dragonix!!!!



The Lord of Perim







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