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Chaoblog (The Blog) for October 25, 2007:


The Chaotic Portal Opens



I am not going to be too long in tonight's blog, but I will cover a lot of things very briefly.  I was going to wait until this weekend to post, but I think I need to at least say something with all that has happened in the last two days


The Portal Opened on the 24th

Yesterday the Portal finally opened and the card game was launched (albeit in "Beta").  The cards, as you have seen, look great.  Hopefully some of you are actually playing the physical game with them -- not only because it is fun, but because the battling area will not be open until Friday, October 26th (tomorrow).  [Just a quick comment:  that was very disapointing].  I will have a full, in-depth review of the Portal this weekend, including grades just like I did for the Starter Decks and Booster Packs.  For those of you that do not know, my name on the portal is LED001.


New Co-Blogger

Introducing the PalinDrome, a brand new blog on this site written by Palin (formerly Dangeresque).  Welcome him and his words of Chaotic wisdom.  To read his firsst post, you must Enter The PalinDrome.


Ask Bryan Gannon A Question

As many of you probably know, I have been taking questions from you guys on the forum for Bryan Gannon.   I will stop taking new questions at 2 PM EST tomorrow, so if you still have a question or two, please post them to the Chaotic Forum at QUESTIONS FOR BRIAN GANNON


Where Did You Buy Your Cards?

There are many of your fellow fans that are having trouble finding card stores that are selling the cards (even in big cities).  If you can, could you please list the store name, city and State/Province you purchased your cards at so other fans can get the cards.  You can eitehr post it at

Please Help!!! What Stores Are Selling Chaotic Game Cards-, or if you are not a member of Nabble, you can email me at


The Starter Decks Are Different

Everyone (probably) knows at this time that everyone's starter deck contains the same characters.  However, what everyone keeps on forgetting is that although things like the creatues may be the same, their stats (disciplines) are differnt.  So if your Arias has an energy of 40, mine might have an energy of 35. Our power, wisdom, etc. might also be different.  So, even in the 1-on-1 battles, even if you fight two different people with the same creature, the fight will be different because of the varied stats.  I think that it is very important. There is a discussion about it at Every Starter Deck Is NOT The Same


Every Registered User will get a Free Virtual Deck

4Kids is hooking all of us up in that everyone who is registered tomorrow will be getting their own free Deck of one of the four main tribes. For a further discussion see



Is There A Need For A Second Forum?

Now that the Portal is open, and it has its own forum, is there a need for my forum?  Should I take it down? If not, does it need to be changed, and if so how?  Discuss at

What To Do With This Forum . . . . Your Help Is Needed.


Forum Errors

4Kids is still interested if  you find any errors or issues with the Portal.  If so they would like you to report them.  Click here to find out how.


I must now rest, for tomorrow we shall met upon the field of battle,



The Lord of Perim







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