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Chaoblog (The Blog) for October 23, 2007:


Be A Chaotic Beta Tester








The Chaotic Portal shall open tomorrow!!!  I am more than ready for it as I know you are as well.  From talking to the guys at 4Kids, everything seems to be going smoothly for what they are calling the Public Beta Release.  It is fantastic that they are finally launching the game, and the cards are ready for us to battle, but by calling it a "Beta Release," they are not giving us all of the functionality that we want (and we want a lot).  Anyway, from what I gathered, they do not really expect any issue to raise its ugly head, however, if one of you guys do find something, they would like you to let them know about it and report the errors.


There Will Be A Fe Ways to Notify Them


1) The first way is through the Chaotic TCG Forum on a thread specificly set up to report errors (which the developers will be monitoring). The thread is located HERE.  That thread is only for reporting the errors.  If you would like to then talk about or discuss the errors with other fans, you can discuss them on the Errors Found forum located HERE.  However, you need to signed up with Nabble in order to post.


2) The second way is to fill out the submission form below.


3) Thirdly, you can also email me at


I prefer that you use the first method becuase everyone can see the error you found immediately after you post (and I do not have to do anything)



Things You Should Report


1) If something you did just did not work (e.g., you hit the "A" key to Attack, and nothing happened, the screen froze or you recieved a weird error on the screen)


2) It did not work in the correct way (e.g., you hit the icon to view your deck but it took you to the battle arena instead)


3) It worked, but not the way you were expecting it (e.g., you are in battle and you were supposed to receive 10 point of damage, however, only 1 point was deducted - although that works to your benefit, it is still an error that needs to be reported)


What the Developers Need to Know


  • When writing your post, type in a number in the subject line for the error (e.g., Error #1, Error #2, etc.) - this way it will be much easier to identify which posts belong to what errors when they are being discussed, or if a developer has a question about it.

  • Before you write anything, take a look at the thread to see if the error has already been found.  If you would like to also report it, please use the same Error # - this will make it easier for the developers to identify every bug, and to see how widespread it is.

  • First write what a short summary of the error (e.g., When I tried to attack using the "A" key, the screen would freeze)

  • Next, tell in as much detail what had happened, and include:

    • What area of the portal where you in (e.g., in battle, in card view, etc.)

    • Explain in detail were you trying to do (e.g., I was trying to battle with my Maxxor against Chaor and I tried to attack using the Squeeze Play card)

    • Tell what keys you were hitting at the time. (e.g., I was attacking by hitting the "A" key on the keyboard.  When nothing happened I hit it again)

    • Tell about the problem you found (e.g., After hitting the "A" key a third time, the whole screen froze and there was nothing I could do to unfreeze it)

    • You may also want to tell what time/day and time zone you had the error (e.g, The error happened at about 3 o'clock EST, yesterday)

  • If you post on the forum, the developer may have follow-up questions for you, so check back on the forum to see if you have a question.


I thank you for helping make the portal better for myself and everyone to use (and 4Kids thanks you as well)



The Lord of Perim






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