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Chaoblog (The Blog) for October 19, 2007 [Part A]:


Beta Launch of Chaotic Announced


Before I begin, I have a lot to say today, so I am breaking today's blog into two separate posts A and B.  This will be about the announcement of the launch and related stuff and the second post will be about my review of the cards.


The Press Release:


We all knew a few days ago that the launch was official and would be on October 24th via the front page news section of   Yesterday (although I found out about it today) 4Kids published a Press Release on their corporate website.  The press release did not give a lot of details, but I will go over it and give you my own summary of what they are saying.  The first paragraph is probably the most important to us and it reads as follows:

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE), the children’s entertainment powerhouse that turned the trading card-based properties Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! into worldwide sensations, and its subsidiary TC Digital Games LLC have released the first wave of the Chaotic Trading Card Game™ starter decks and booster packs exclusively to comic and hobby stores nationwide and in Canada. Starting October 24th, fans can purchase "Chaotic OverWorld – The Dawn of Perim™" and Chaotic "UnderWorld – The Dawn of Perim™" starter decks as well as "The Dawn of Perim – Secrets™" booster packs. The public beta version of the Chaotic website,, will also launch on October 24th.

Here are my interpretations of some of the buzz words they use:

  • "first wave" -- This means that this is only the first part of the release.  I talked to 4Kids and they said that there will be a few functionality limitations for the first launch of the online game.  This means that some of the bells and whistles will be held off until the next release.

  • "have released" -- The cards are on thier way to the distributors who will be distributing them to the hobby and comic stores

  • "exclusively to comic and hobby stores" -- The cards will ONLY be distributed to the hobby and comic stores.  Sorry, your local Wal-Mart will not be getting it in, nor will any other large retailer.

  • "nationwide and Canada" -- A confirmation that the release will be in both the United States and in Canada - for both the sale of the cards and access of the online  portal.

  • "Starting October 24th" -- The stores will begin selling the cards and the portal will open on October 24th

  • "starter decks" -- There will be two starter decks that will have everything you need to play the game.

  • "booster packs" -- In addition to the starter packs, they will also be selling booster packs to bulk up and hopefully better your deck, and these can be purchased separately.  In addition, they have also let us know that the booster packs will be called "The Dawn of Perim – Secrets™"

  • "public beta version" -- The portal may have a few kinks and we are testing it out on you

  • "also launch" -- Reassuring us that the portal will launch at the same time as the physical cards are being sold.

I am not going to go word by word for the rest of the press release, but will point out a few items I find of interest to us (since the press release is really being written for stockholders, investors and licensees (or potential licensees)

  • "We expect to release the Chaotic Trading Card Game to the mass market in early 2008 supported by television advertising" (Al Kahn) --  For those of you that do not live near a hobby/comic shop or do not have access to a distributor, great news, the cards will be in the big retail stores (possibly Wal-Mark, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us, etc.) in early 2008.  Also expect to see those TV commercials we know have been filmed just before it launches to the masses.

  • "During the public beta phase of the website, players will be able to upload and trade their cards, battle other players in one-on-one game play as well as take part in web-based messaging and forum discussions." -- the online portal will work, and there will be some cool things like battling, sending messages and forum discussions, however, there will be some limitations, such as only allowing one-on-one battles at this time.

  • "By watching the animated series, viewers can discover battle strategies that will ultimately help them master the Chaotic Trading Card Game for both online and offline gameplay."  -- Watch the Chaotic TV show, there will be a lot of cool strategy hints and tips on the show that will help you play online and off.

Beta Functionality


The press release mentions that there will be a few things that the portal will offer in this initial Beta release.  I have a list of those functionalities that will be available:


  • Registration (user name)

  • Card Upload (lock codes)

  • Card portfolio

  • Build Armies

  • Forums

  • Battle Chat

  • Online One-on-One Apprentice Rules Game

  • Rankings


    Your Change to Interview Bryan Gannon


    Guys, this is your chance to ask the big man himself at Chaotic a question or two.  If you have a serious question for Mr. Gannon, please submit it to the forum by clicking here.


    The Cards Have Been Released


    Just to confirm that the cards have been printed and are being shipped, I have some pictures of the cards as they roll off the printing presses and are brought over to the trucks for distribution.  In addition, I have some footage of the cards being printed (see below, it is in Quicktime -- it takes about 50-60 seconds to load)


    Clip of the Chaotic Cards Being Printed


    Chaotic Cards Being Printed


    Magmon Chaotic Cards Close-Up Picture Chaotic Cards Being Printed Picture Cases of Chaotic Cards on Sled Chaotic Booster Packs Being Printed Picture  
    Picture of Magmon Chaotic Cards Close Up Picture of Chaotic Cards Being Printed Cases of Chaotic Cards on Sled Picture of Chaotic Booster Packs Being Printed  


    So now we know all about the release.  I am getting really excited about going online.  However, right now I will be able to amuse myself by looking over the cards I just got in advance of the release so that I can review them and tell you guys what I like or do not like about them.  So, onto part two of todays blog (click here)



    The Lord of Perim







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