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Chaoblog (The Blog) for August 11, 2007:


Chaotic Launch Scheduled For October; Gen Con & Comic Con Appearances


Hey Chaofanatics, once again I was going to write about one topic and something goes on to make me change my thoughts.  Well, tonight I am going to write about two different things.  First, the recent statement by Al Kahn that the game was going to launched in October and secondly, what I have been trying to write about - the Chaotic booth at the San Diego Comic Con.

October Launch of Chaotic TCG

If you have been keeping up with the posts in the Chaotic Forum, you are probably aware that 4Kids is not doing so well in the stock market.  Their 4th quarter earnings really slid. Al Kahn by responding to questions about the decline.  He gave a positive outlook stating that the decline was from the outlay of money (over $3 milion) to help build the web portal and that things should be looking up for the company.  He looked forward to seeing increased revenues due to the hot property of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and was positive about the launch of the Chaotic Trading Card game.  Specifically he stated "We are excited about the much anticipated launch of the Chaotic card game and website, which we expect will occur this October." [source:]

I immediately emailed my contacts at 4Kids, but have not yet heard back from them.  Al Kahn is a really smart guy and I do not think that he would misstate something as big as the date.  He has probably been so used to saying "Late Summer" that for him to state a specific month had to have been intentional.  However, I emailed my contacts just in case for the small chance that he did misstate the date.  Okay, so now we have a month to shoot for.  No, October is definately not "Late Summer."  However, he is probably under a lot of pressure from investors and had to provide at the very least a target month.  We kind of figure that the cards themselves are probably ready to be printed or perhaps already printed.  The commercials were filmed and ready to go and next season's episodes are already on the Fall 4Kids lineup.  From what we have gathered, it must be something to do with the Online Portal. I know a little bit about programming and coding.  I speculate that the problem is one of two things, either they are having some issue with the safety (which is extremely important to them) or they discovered a glitch somewhere in the programing that was not backward compatible. This means that they would have to go back and re-write large portions of the code by hand because they cound not make the change universally.

What does this mean for us?  Well, we have to wait a little while longer.  Personally, I was expecting a late September launch anyway, so a few more weeks is not too far off.  The timing is a little strange for a release of this sort because the retailers will not be selling until January which kills the whole Christmas buying frenzy and playing during the winter break for those that cannot get to a hobby store.  However, if enough of you are purchasing the games at the hobby/comic shops and all your freinds think it is cool, there might be a huge desire for the game by early to mid December.  This could mean that your pack of cards could be worth $50 to $100 or more because you had the forsight to get them and if they are hopefully sold out, there is no other way for gamers to purchase and play until January. I am not sure of how many decks are being produced for the initial release to hobby stores, but I am sure that it is not enough to meet such a demand beyond true fans.  If you have the money, you might want to buy two decks just in case.  This way you will have one to play and one to sell.

San Diego Comic Con and Indy Gen Con

Although someone emailed me and told me that they saw me at the San Diego Comic Con, no, I was not there.  However, I heard and read a bunch of coments on the conference both good and bad.  My insiders at 4Kids said that the convention was an awesome success  The booth was always packed and they were doing non-stop demoing of the phyical card game and the online portal.  There were a lot of people (both kids and adults) that came back to the booth numerous times over the four days to play the game.  They also got a lot of positive feedback from the visitors.  The booth demos were for the 3 v 3 battles, however, they also were set up at the gaming hall where people could learn to battle 6 v 6.  They gave away four large art cards that look really cool (I have a set that I will scan and post).  The art by Khary Randolph is really awesome -- too bad the art on the actual cards is so small to really appreciate it.  I should hopefully be getting some images (and possibly videos) from the show and of course I will post them as soon as they come in.

On the down side, there was some grumbling on the boards about the show as well.  Some comments included the fact that the booth was very small and cramped (FYI, the booth I saw at the Int'l Licensing Show was huge) and there were only three demo tables, so it was a long time to wait before you got a chance to play.   Some were upset that the online portal demo was only some guy showing what the portal was like with a mock battle and the visitors were not able to play themselves.  Although many liked the game and the demos, there were some that found it too math intensive (which will not be a problem online). Another criticism was the "luck" factor of the game, however, as others point out, there is a lot of luck that goes into all games, and in Chaotic, you get to choose the makeup of your deck and show your characters before the battle starts.  Well, you cannot satisfy everyone.  If you like the game, go ahead and play, if not, no problem, we will still be your freind.

The Indy Gen Con 2007 is coming up fast and will begin in a few days.  If you live in the great state of Indiana (I have a good freind in Terra Haute) or some of the outlying states and can make it there next week, I suggest that you go.  4Kids will be there in full force with their Chaotic demo team and you can get to play the game and see the portal.  Yes, be wary of the comments made above, but hopefully the 4Kids people will have more demo table at this one.  If you go, write something on the forum so we can all get your feedback.

Chaotic Giveaway Contest

Speaking of the Convention, 4Kids gave me a few items that they did not give away at the conference, so to the chagrin of some of my freinds, I am going to be giving a bunch of the stuff away through contests on this website. I will have a new item to give away each week. Some weeks will be a simple givewaway contest, some weeks you will have to do something to enter.  The full rules and submission forms are available at the Chaotic Giveaway Contest Page.  The 5th week will include a contest to create a banner and logo for this site.  As you may have noticed, this site does not have a graphic banner or a logo/icon, so the winner will be the logo & banner I like best and I will hopefully use for this site.  The prizes for that week's contest are also the best and include two promo cards from the NY Comic Con (which sell on eBay for about $20 to $25 each), a Chaotic T-Shirt and a Chaotic poster.  So I hope to see some really good entries.  The first contest starts tomorrow, so good luck and have fun.

Personal Notes

I finally finished reading the last Harry Potter book a few days ago.  Because I do not want to give anything away to those of you still reading, all I wil say is that I was not very impressed with this book.  I did not find this book as "fun" to read as her other books.  It continues to be a very busy summer.  I am almost hoping for the summer to end so I can stop and rest for a little while.


Battle on,



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