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Chaoblog (The Blog) for July 10, 2007:

New Chaotic Sites On the Web

To save you some time, there is not any "new" information about the game or release in today's blog. I am just giving some more of my thoughts based on some recent posts on the forums. [I am still waiting back for answers from my contacts.]



It is one thing to exagerate while posting.  I do it, you do it, we all do it, but sometimes people just outright lie.  There is one person that posted about creating a Chaotic Group site.  That is cool and as you know, I support any way to promote this game, including through forums, groups, clubs, websites, etc.  Sometimes, some may speak (write) without thinking, when the owner of a new forum "advertised" (on Pojo) the fact they had a new forum by stating that it was the first fan forum.  I do not think that the person was lying, but probably did not do their research (if you Google "Chaotic Forum" my forum is in the top 10 results).  Once they did find out they changed their tune, then posted the links to their new forum on our forum by saying that this is their own first forum. No problem - in fact, I added their new forum to the Chaotic Web Directory and I wish them good luck.  I obviously post on ours, and have posted a few times on the one at, who is the leader in TCG forums.  I really do not have the time to go onto any others.   There are now 4 "unnoficial" forums on Chaotic that I know of:



What had kind of annoyed me was that a fan decided to start a Chaotic Group on Yahoo Canada.  They first put a post about it on our forum bragging about having Beta Testers on it with many questions already answered.  One of our forum members must have joined up and was only the third member of the group.  He/she reported that there is not much of anything on the site except some pictures and some Q&A about Pokemon.  Personally, I think it is cool that someone had started a group of any kind.  However, it was even a better idea that it was based in Canada since they will be getting the cards with the initial release (that was originally supposed to be in the US only).  The site could be a rallying point for groups and teams in Canada.  However, they started out on a very bad foot.  Maybe if they gave a formal apology and gave the truth, we could try to forget about it and let them start from scratch.



Well, there has been a lot of activity recently on an old page of a well known mega-site Wikipedia at The Chaotic "articles" were completely re-designed and re-structured by Worlder so that the TCG and the animated series were separated.  He also added a lot of new information onto the site.  Much kuddos goes out to Worlder for the awsome work he did.  However, if you are one of those shmegeggies that have been vandalizing the site -- stop being dopes.  For those that have been visiting this site since the beginning, you may remember that we had an open forum within this site and had to close it and move it to because of too many cyber-vandals.  Although you may get a few laughs out of it, you are just being jerks, and you know it.


If you have or have heard of a site that relates to Chaotic - game, animated series, etc. -- then let me know about it and I'll add it to the Chaotic Web Directory so that we can all benefit from it.


Last, but not least, I want to give a shout out to one of our forum's most active posters -- chaotic27dude -- Happy Birthday !!!!



The Lord of Perim










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