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Chaoblog (The Blog) for July 7, 2007:

Covering the Codes & the Secondary Market

I originally had another topic in mind for today's blog, but there has been a lot of active discussion on the boards about stealing codes, registering codes and issues with how or why a shopkeeper can sell singles.  Although there are some good discussions going on, at my chaotic forum, surprisingly, no one has put up a post with any serious discussion on this.


Covering the Codes


The big problem the forum members have with the codes on the cards is that the cards are there for all to see without a sticker or a scratch-off to hide them.  Hiding them in some way would allow the user to play with the cards until they register them online without "compromising the integrity" of the online code.  Some players may either never want to register their codes, or do not have access to a PC.  It would also make it easier for shopkeepers to sell the cards (as singles) on the secondary market.


Reading a bunch of posts, I have to agree that this may have been an oversight on the part of 4Kids.  Although there would be additional production costs, it would have been one less hurdle for this rookie game to overcome.  On the other hand, I too did not think of this being an issue at first.  I had always imagined getting the cards, going to my PC and almost immediately registering the cards.   After they are registered to my ID, no one can steal them.  But I can see that there are some players that my only use the cards in tbe old-school fashion only -- by playing offline.  Hey, the game is pretty cool.  Pre-building your deck and showing all cards at the start of the game make it different than other games, the characters and associated cards are cool as well.  The different attributes of the cards also makes for a more strategic game.  So the off-line play will be great.  Maybe 4Kids did not think that some will only play off-line.


Someone brought up the point that this whole unique code thing will make it hard on the shop keepers.  While there may be some extra steps to be taken (and some have a good idea about a new type of toploader with a graphic that covers the code), if the game and cards sell, they will be more than willing to spend the little extra time for the profits that will come in.  However, if the game is on the fence or is not doing so well, their time will probably be better spent on other TCGs.



"Two Souls"


As EvilJay33 put it on one of the forums, the game has "two souls."  There is an online side and a off-line side.  Each side may have its own life separate from one another.  For instance, some may never register their cards online, some may only register some cards online and some may have different decks online and off.  This last scenario is how I see most of us playing - especially since there will be online-only cards that you cannot obviously have in your physical deck.  When it comes time for purchasing booster packs, you may not want to spend the time registering all of the cards - maybe only the good ones.  Although it probably will take only 15-20 seconds to enter the code, if you happen to get a bunch of booster packs for your birthday, it might not be worth it to register all of them, especially if you intend on trading a bunch of the "lesser" cards you do not need.


Deck Building


This is a subject that has come up quite often in our forum.  The interesting thing is that the cards are not even out yet.  However, I think that this show a lot of positive energy being flowed into the goodwill of this game.  I really, really hope that the delay of game over the long hot summer will not diminish all of this hype.  The vistorship to this site and our forum is still strong, but I do see a decline in traffic until September when the hype and new season of Chaotic returns.


Also, a semi-breakdown of the cards in the set has been floating around the net (although I'm giving WEB4Kids at Chaotic Spy the credit for finding this) and it is as follows:


The Chaotic - Dawn of Perim set will have 232 cards (down from the original 250 in the Danish release)


86 Creature Cards (4 tribes accounted for):

28 OverWorld

28 UnderWorld

15 Danian

15 Mipedian


Battle Cards

49 Attack Cards

29 Battlegear Cards

30 Location Cards

38 Mugic Cards [10 Generic, 8 OverWorld, 8 UnderWorld, 6 Danian and 6 Mipedian]


Questions to 4Kids


I have sent my contacts at 4Kids a lot of questions over the last week.  As soon as I get some answers in, I'll let you know.  Hopefully some of the questions will not be stale by the time I get the answers.  Also, keep on sending me questions and I will pass them along to you as well.




The Lord of Perim









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