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Chaoblog (The Blog) for June 29, 2007:

No Launch for Chaotic TCG This Week


June 29th came and went without a launch.  Not that I really expected there to be one, but some people on the boards had hope.  Someone claimed that their local store owner was getting in a shipment which gage hope to some - and hope is good, but in the end, it wound up be an empty promise.  Hey, things like a delay of launch do happen.  Look at the last versions of Playstation and X-Box, both were continuously held up.

What kind of sucks is that the new target date is officially "late Summer," but I have good info that it is "late September." Waiting for the game is not a problem for me.  Hey, I would rather have a game that is 100% than one that is broken and I already have a starter pack on preorder.  However, Bryan Gannon has promised that the hobby & card shops will get a three month head start before the cards go out to the mass retailers like Wal-Mart.  A late September release will mean a late December release for the retailers.  The target market (the people that will play the game) are 9 to 14 year old boys.  Unless someone changes the calander, it will place the retailer launch during the Christmas / holiday break.  I do not think that this will be very good for generating any type of buzz.  Most kids in this age group are not in school and will not be talking about it with their freinds.  In addition, this misses out on the biggest retail event of the year -- the Christmas rush.  By the middle of December most toys and gifts for the holiday are already purchased.  Not too many parents will be happy to buy "some stupid cards" at the end of December when they have already spent all kinds of money on their kids already.  Because of the need to keep the hobby stores happy, I do not see 4Kids shortening the three month window.  What I hope for is that they are underpromising and over-delivering (i.e., they will actually launch the game in early September). The only other solution I can see if a huge, huge marketing blitz and sales campaign for pre-ordering the cards in every major retailer.  If 4Kids goes this route, you will see a lot f commercials in late November and early December to pre-order, as well as big sales pitches, posters, etc. at the retailers.  If they do it right, you will be bombarded with Chaotic images when you enter the toy/card/hobby section of your local Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, etc.  Are they going to do this?  I do not know, but it will be an expensive undertaking for the company and getting people to pre-order is riskier than people purchasing something and having it in-hand.  Also, to most parents, Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, Chaotic, Magic, etc. are all the same thing - so who knows what they will buy for you if you are not there with them.

News on

There is now "official" news on the website. If you click on the codes at the upper right hand side of the screen (from the main page), a "News and Updates" section appears.  The current section states:

"When Chaotic trading cards arrive at Comic and Hobby stores in late summer 2007, we'll be launching the Chaotic Online Experience! Chaotic players will be able to register as users and immediately upload their cards.  They'll also be able to play the game in real time with other online Chaotic game players.

As some of our most devoted fans, Chaotic Explorers will be among the first invited to play Chaotic online.

This summer there will be alot going on behind the scenes and we want you to know about it! Keep checking this site for updates about the development of the Chaotic Online Experience, including showcases of new features and information about how you can qualify to beta test the game before it will be available to all users.

Chaotic will revoluionalize the world of trading card games by combining an online game experience, offline game play and an action-packed animated TV series on 4Kids TV! Chaotic is the only first trading card game to have a Variable Power Structure, meaning that no two Creature Cards are ever the same.

Every Chaotic Card has a unique alphanumeric Code.  Each of these codes represents a scan of a Creature, Location, Attack, Mugic (a musical spell) or piece of Battlegear at a precise moment in time in Perim, the world where the adventures take place. The Codes give players the power to do things with Chaotic Cards that are impossible with other trading cards.  When you upload your Chaotic Cards to the website, the physical cards you've collected will instantly become electronic cards, allowing you to play online for free.  You can challenge and battle opponents anytime and anywhere.  The website also stores your personal game history and helps you manage your decks.  This is only te beginning! Many exciting features will be added to the site as grows.

Enter the Code and Enter the World of Chaotic!"

There was actually one piece of information I did not know.  Every time I heard mugic being described, or on the few episodes I watched, I never heard it described as a
musical" spell.  I have to pay closer attention to the re-runs on the show.  It is on late Saturday mornings where I live, and usually we are out of the house by the time it is on.  This will especially be true during the summer where I will hopefully not be home too much, unless it is a really rainy day.

There is not much else to report.  If anyone out there becomes a Beta tester, please post on the Chaotic forum whatever you find.









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