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Chaoblog (The Blog) for June 24, 2007:

Chaotic Information Sheet


Sorry ChaoFans (Chaotic Fans), I promised I would post a few things this week, but I have been really busy with a lot of other non-Chaotic stuff.  I only made a quick post to put up that picture of the Chaotic TCG Commercial and I also make a bunch of changes to the long June 19th post - there were tons of misspellings and other stuff I needed to correct.

Someone on the Chaotic TCG Game Forum asked me when I would have the info sheet up - so that is what I will spend today's post discussing.  For those of you that have not been following along, I went to a Chaotic demo held by 4Kids at the International Licensing Expo in New York City last week.  They gave a private demo to a number of potential clients that were interested in purchasing liscenses to the Chaotic brand for toys, games, action figures, etc. At the end of the demonstration they gave away a Chaotic T-Shirt (I have not worn mine yet) and an informatin sheet on the game.  It is this sheet that this post will be about.  I am not going to be re-copying the sheet word for word. I do not have that much time and I do not think I could do that either - copyright infringement and such.

  • The sheet is four pages on heavy multi-colored glossy paper with images of the game (online and off) throughout.

  • There is a blurb on the top right of the 1st page that says "GO TO FOR AND INSIDE LOOK!"  As and FYI, it is a video on their site with information about the game.  At first I thought it looked like just another informercial about the game with stuff I already knew.  However, there were a lot of codes in this video.  I wrote down all of the codes I found below.  I have checked out the codes in the video, and most do not validate, and a few are already known.  You guys can check this out again to make sure I did it right.

  • Y3Z9KUY87MKR - not validating

  • Y637BWD6XP99 - not validating

  • YEM7KWM67YW7 - not validating

  • YGR6CXZ3X2B4 - not validating

  • YHP4XVC682Y9 - not validating

  • YK23VEL4UJX6 - not validating

  • YMF7MGP7KKC3 - not validating

  • Z623LW289PL9 - not validating

  • Z746YCP8YRE4 - not validating

  • ZBZ6BPP9V8X8 - not validating

  • ZGP8LXN69ZY7 - not validating

  • ZM33XFN4VKZ6 - not validating

  • ZMR9B3B4LKN3 - not validating

  • UQJ7QKU8PPF9 - Choar - already known

  • DBQ9MQN7X9N6 - Intress - already known

  • 6NV642H7E863 -- Maxxor - already known

  • 62U92V63ZZR4 -- Maxxor - already known

  • 64J8FJG6R2G4 -- Dractyl - already known

  • Besides the codes, there are some images of the online portal and some basic info on the game and the TV show. Also note, this was made before the push back of the launch date and still mentions a June release.

  • Most of the text information on the first page is known to us all including:

    • "Each card has a variable power structure, which ensures that virtually no two creature cards are alike"

    • "Online: The Power is in the Code"

    • Target demographics - core for game is Boys 9-14

    • is where you play, it is "parent friendly and player safe" - and online site is free (with the purchase of the cards)

    • There is a bunch on info on the TV show, what it is about and that there are codes and tips throughout

  • On the second page:

    • The game starts with all cards out -- no build up during the battle

    • The starter pack has everything you need to begin playing a 6 creature Chaotic card game online or off

    • The game is scalable so you can play with as little as one creature and it takes into consideration players of all LEVELS and all AGES

    • Awsome card art

    • Every card has variable statistics (courage, power, wisdom & speed discipline scores)

    • "Unique" Local and national tournaments

    • There is a chart comparing Chaotic with Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon and basically it says that Chaotic has free online play, it is scalable and it has variable crature stats, unlike the other two games

  • Page three includes marketing support information:

    • Online and offline tournaments

    • Appearing at consumer events: Comic Cons (NY & SD), Gen Con Indy

    • TV series

    • International roll-out

    • Print advertising and editorial in "Beckett, Inquest Gamer, Scrye and more!"

    • Online promotional support including on the "Advanced Media Network, Pojo and Gamer's Template to name a few," (it also includes the first 5 starter codes), and

  • On the fourth and final page includes information about the 2 Starter Decks (OverWorld - Dawn of Perim and Underworld - Dawn of Perim)

    • Street dates for starter & booster decks -- they dates were crossed out (hence the late summer release)

    • MSRP = $13.99 for a starter pack & $3.99 for a booster pack

    • Starter Deck Includes:

      • 52 cards (48 are a pre-constructed deck)

      • 6 - creature cards

      • 8 - battlegear cards

      • 6 - mugic cards

      • 10 - location cards

      • 20 - attack cards

      • 4 - "Rare" chase cards

      • 1 - bonus tip card and master upload card

      • 1- rule book

      • 1 - battleboard

    • Pack-Out Information (if you are going to order a lot of packs)

      • 10 Starter Decks per display box (5 Overworld & 5 Underworld)

      • 8 display boxes per case

      • 12 cases per Pallet

    • Booster Pack Specs

      • 9 cards per booster pack

      • 2 rare foil cards in every pack

      • 24 booster packs per display box

      • 12 display boxes per case

I hope you guys find this useful.  I know I still have to elaborate on my feelings about the online portal, but that will have to wait a day or two.









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