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Chaoblog (The Blog) for June 17, 2007:

The Chaotic Trading Card Game Is Coming - The Power is in The Code


Okay, it has been a busy week for me (with non Chaotic stuff), including having my PC go down for a few days.  So todays Blog Post will be a mish-mash of information, news and other stuff that I had thought of over the last few days.

New Chaotic Codes

  • There have been one new code that has surfaced on the net this week - QNG7NHQ8LLD8 . . . . Gespedan.

  • I want to thank Web4Kidz on our Chaotic Forum for letting us know about it.

Updated Monster Images & Bios

  • Another shout out goes to Web4Kidz who went through all of the codes to see what has been updated and has reported that a number of the pages that were previously blank now have character / monster images and new bios.

  • This has all been updated on our Chaotic Code page.

Countdown to Launch

  • Ten days to launch and counting!!!!!!  I am getting excited about this.   Things are going to start to change fairly soon for the posts on the Chaotic Forum. I mean, now everyone is talking about what it they think the game is going to be like and what the battles are going to be like. As soon as the game hits the stores, it is all going to be about how to play the best to win and move up in levels (there are seven levels).

Chaotic in Canada

  • One of the big questions on the forum is "When will it be coming to Canada" -- The game will probably be coming to Canada in August/September (just in time for school).  I think it will probably be in September to coincide with the release of the booster set. [The game hasn't even come out, but we are already talking about the booster set.]

Chaotic Forum

  • I want to thank all of the hundreds of visitors out there who have visited and contributed to the forum.  There have been a few of you that have above and beyond by both asking awesome questions and those of you who have been answering those questions.  Please continue to do so.

    • I was going to do a shout out and thank a lot of you guys by username, but there are a lot of you and I would feel bad if I left one of you off the list.  But you all know who you are and I thank you.  If you have never been to the

  • We have also created a child forum for submissions.  Since some of you really know your stuff and might want to let everyone else know what you are thinking in a non-forum type of format.  We are looking for people to post articles that we will add to this website - stuff written by you, the fans.  If interested, I have more delatils below.

Writing an Article for

  • Do you have a lot to say about Chaotic that you want thousands of other fans to hear?  Do you have news, or information that you would like to share. If so, we would like to begin taking articles written by you, the fans, and adding them to this website.  We have set up a place to add your articles at and we will take the articles and add them to this website.  For those of you that have a lot of good articles, we will even create your own page for just your articles.  These articles can be on anything related to Chaotic - not just the Chaotic Trading Card game, or TV show, but also about the upcoming video games, action figures (no confirmation on this), or any other related topic you can think of.  I look forward to reading your articles.

Starter Packs

  • There is a lot of good information on the starter packs at our Chaotic forum/Starter Packs, but to give you a run down on what to expect:

    • 6 Creature Cards

    • 6 Battle gear cards

    • 6 Mugic Cards

    • 10 Location Cards

    • 20 Attack Cards

    • 4 Rare cards (minimum of two foil cards)

    • Rule Book Game Mat

  • Just remember, as soon as you get the card, go online and register them

Enjoy the Summer

  • Summer is just around the corner and for some of you guys in different parts of the country, school is already over. I just want to wish everybody a great summer!!!!




From: anonymous

when you enter your e-mail on the site and it sends you a reply saying that it will send you your username and password for chaotic and instructions on how to log-in if you are picked. What are the chances of being picked/how long does it take to be notified?

------------>LED:  I guess you are talking about being picked as a Chaotic Explorer.  There will be thousands of Explorers picked and I think that they will begin asking for Beta Testers sometime in July (just a guess, not official)






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