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Chaoblog (The Blog) for May 28, 2007:

New Chaotic Game Plus TCG Forum Online


Things are still very busy over in my neck of the woods.  However, the good news is that there is only one month to go until launch of the card game and we have finally posted another forum!!!!!

I really did not want to create a forum where people would have to register, but  because some people cannot play by the rules, I was forced to do it.  The new forum hosted by nabble should suit the purposes of our visitors.  It will allow you guys to talk about Chaotic - the card game, the television show, or anything else about the TCG you want to.  I will monitor it and try to answer any questions that come up if I can.  If people try to spam the board, they will be kicked off and their registration will be suspended.

In the mean time, there is not much happening with the trading card game or 4Kids.  They are very, very, very busy trying to get things ready for the launch.  So lately, there have not been a lot of posts.  Luckily, no news in this case actually means good news, since things are going okay with the launch.

For me, I am ready to just start playing the game.  I have my cards preordered to make sure that I have them. If you check out the eBay link below, I did see some packs being auctioned off for presale - just in case your local hobby store is not getting them in. Remember, the packs will not be available in the mass retail stores like Wal-Mart until this fall.  It was a decision the company made. I guess in some ways it was a good decision.  They have to make sure that this is a product that will sell before mass producing it.  If they make too many cards and no-one buys it, they are out lots of money and the whole thing is a bust.  If they start a little smaller and it takes off within the hobby, they can use that leverage to build up the product and be able to mass produce it for everyone to enjoy.  I am sure Pokemon, Magic and other similar TCGs started out that way.  What do you think?  Let us know in the reply form below.







From: nhailey1

On the chaoticgame official website when I try to look at my monsters I can`t. What`s up with that? Oh, and every time I go to that website I always see ''Enter the code''. When I`m typing my code and I run out of time it always says ''To enter Chaotic, you must enter the code''. What code is it talking about? All I want to do is go to Chaotic so I can battle, and trade. Can you help me? P.S. I already have 45 virtual card on the official website. I just need 8 more location codes ,10 mugic codes, 10 battlegear codes, and 10 attack codes. Can you give them to me? Please, I really need them

------------>LED: Nhailey1, boy, you asked a lot of questions here.  First of all, there does seem to be a glitch with their system which they are taking care of.  However, do not fear, I am sure everything will be fine for the launch of the full fledge website. I am not sure, but the code they are mentioning is probably the WELCOME code (U4J3HXU3G3G4) when you first enter the site.  I have a list of all the codes I know about on our Chaotic Code page at I have listed the codes in the order I found them and in alphabetical order as well.  If anyone has any new codes to add to the list, please let us know by posting a reply below.





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