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Chaoblog (The Blog) for May 15, 2007:

Chaotic: Dawn of Perim & Chaotic Forum Still Not Up


Sorry, it has been a very, very busy week for me so far and although I have looked into a few forum/discussion board options, I have not picked on yet.  But have no fear I will have a place for you to discuss Chaotic within a few days. Even if I cannot find the perfect forum, I will at least have something up for you this weekend, so check back by Sunday.  We will also be having a number of Chaotic related contests in the upcoming weeks where you could win cool Chaotic stuff.  I'll let you know when the contests are up.

Right now there seems not to be any new news from the front lines of 4Kids and Chaotic -- which I guess is good.  For myself, I have already pre-ordered a BOX of starter packs and a BOX of booster packs.  The first series of cards are being marketed as Chaotic: Dawn of Perim.  [Note: we have not seen the art for the packs or boxes yet.] I guess this is to distinguish this series from hopefully other future editions of these cards.  My big question now is - am I going to open up the boxes when I get them?  I might just save them unopened and just purchase another individual pack or two for myself to play with.  The boxes were not cheap, but if this game takes off like I think it will, those boxes will be worth a lot in a few years.  By the way, it looks like the starter pack will be $10.99 -- which is not bad, considering you get the physical cards to play with and you can also play them online.

You can either Pre-Order on eBay (see link below) or try to get them at you local hobby/card shop.  As I may have told you earlier, they will not be available in the large retail stores like Wal-Mart until the fall.





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