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Chaoblog (The Blog) for May 12, 2007:

Disappointed With People Messing Up Chaotic Message Board / Forum


I am really dissapointed with some of you guys out there that messed up a good thing.  We created a forum so that fans of Chaotic could discuss the game and TV show with one another.  However, a few of you had to take advantage of it an begin posting things that were obscene and just not nice.  After a warning and deletion of those posts, the few bad posters were at it again.  Therefore, it forced me to close the forum -- temporarily.  We are looking for a new place to post the forum - a site that will monitor what people are saying and have enough safe-gaurds that will keep it a nice place to visit.

Hopefully, we will have up the new forum by tomorrow evening, put it looks like it will probably be closer to Tuesday that the new forum / discussion board will go live.  Either way, I'll let you know.







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