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Chaoblog (The Blog) for April 29, 2007:

Have You Been To & Our Forum Has Opened


Chaotic Online

Have you been to the Chaotic Online website yet (it is located at  If not, now is a good time to try, before the game actually begins.  There are a whole bunch of interesting things on the site right now – mostly information on the world of Chaotic (OverWorld and UnderWorld) and the creatures you can meet there.  It is a lot better than just having the same screen saying “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” – however, it is lame compared to actually seeing the game.  I am also guessing that this will be the template that they will be using for the actual game play.  It looks pretty good so far.  My only criticism is the size of the area you put the code into.  Maybe it should be a little larger – or possibly even scalable, so that it is small when you are not using it, but can enlarge if you want to enter in the code.

We are going to have an interview with Bryan Gannon on Monday – we’ll let you know when it is available to read and if he reveals anything that you need to know.

Our Forum

So, how many of you have taken a look at the new forum on our site at The Forum?  I put it up this week so that you guys can talk to each other about all things Chaotic.  You can post about the Chaotic trading card game or the television show – or anything else that is related.  Also, if you have any questions that other visitors are unable to answerer, I am going to try to answer them on this Chaoblog.  Right now I am gathering some of these questions and will try to have some answers up for next week.






From: jessie244

So are you guys going to make chaotic games for nintendoDS and for game boys?

------------>LED: The people from 4Kids intend on making video game tie-ins for Chaotic, but have not announced anything yet. Also note, I do not work with 4Kids or is this a 4Kids website.  I am a player and fan, just like you.  Luckily, I have a contact within 4Kids that provides me with information and news on the game so that I can share it with all of you guys.


From: Alpha01

what is the code to get into the game cause i dont know it or log in?

------------>LED: I have a list of the codes on our Chaotic Codes page.  The site iteself will not be fully functional until June 27th, when the game goes live!!!


From: chaor22

So are you able to buy mipadeins and daineins ....................................... .

------------>LED: All of the tribes will be included in the Chaotic TCG packs.


From: Darien

on teletoon we got chaotic show but we need to put a chaotic game thats just like the t.v. show where your created chaotic explorer hangs out go to places to scan monsters and then use them in battle.

------------>LED: That is what the upcoming TCG is all about -- it will put you into the shoes of people like Tom and you will get to scan creatures, locations, etc. and then do Battle!


From: brahma

how do u activate codes

------------>LED: You enter the codes at to enter the site and eventually play the game when it goes live on June 27th.  You can either find the codes yourself or get them on our Chaotic Codes page.


From: rugerkid

chaotic is awsome! Which is your favorite monster/battle gear?

------------>LED: So far, I like Saido, although I can see a lot of strategic value to Lore if added to my deck.  Of course Maxxor is the creature to have in your deck, but since he is the most popular, players will know his weaknesses within a week after the game launches.  I will hold back on picking battle gear until I see how it is used by each of the characters within the game.  What may be good gear for one creature might not be for another.



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