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Chaoblog (The Blog) for April 22, 2007:

About the Blog & Meeting With 4Kids


Our First Post

Welcome all, this is our first post for our all new Chaotic Blog, which we are going to be calling the Chaoblog.  I did not like the name at first, but once you hear it a few times you get kind of used to it, and eventually start to like the name -- Chaoblog.  It just begins to grow on you.  Well, why are we writing this thing?  It is to inform you of all the latest events and happenings that are going on at 4Kids in regards to Chaotic.  As soon as they tell us, we will spread the word.  There are already a whole lot of you guys coming to this site, so they figured it would be a good place to share information with Chaotic users and soon to be users.  For instance, we had the news about the push back of the launch almost immediately after it was announced.  I will talk about my first meeting with some of the 4Kids people in a few minutes.


I have been playing games of all kids for many years, especially role playing games.  When I first heard about what Chaotic was going to do, I became very interested and started to learn as much as I could.  That is when I created this website and began to add information. With our contacts at 4Kids, we can take this to a new level and get the news when it is still hot.  As these things go, I will probably not be blogging each and every day, but will add a post when needed and always try to add something at least once a week.


First and foremost I will try to include news about the game and TV show, then any other information I can get my hands on about anything Chaotic.  This will include any tips on playing, reviews of the game, and my own experiences playing the game.  I will also allow people to reply to my posts (however, I will moderate all replies).  So if you have any questions, you can ask them here, or try our forum (started yesterday), which people are beginning to use already.  If you have any questions you would like me to ask 4Kids, I'll ask for you (as long as your questions are reasonable) and hopefully get some good answers to share will everyone.


I will also try to give you my honest opinions of everything that is going on.  If I do not like something about the game, I'll let it be known.  4Kids wants me to be honest and I intend to be so.  Right now the potential for the game looks great, but let's see what it is like when it finally hits the streets.


Meeting With 4Kids

This past Friday I met with some of the representatives from 4Kids.  We talked about the game and some of the things they have planned down the road and about our blogs.  The people we talked to (via telephone conference) seemed really nice and even passionate about the game.  They seem to enjoy talking about it and its potential -- I liked that about them.  Let's face it, 4Kids is a business and businesses are out to make money. However, you get the feeling from these people that they also want to provide a product that the users will enjoy.  For instance, they told us that the launch date was being pushed back a few weeks (to June 27th), but they told us that it was because they want to make the experience for all users as enjoyable as they can.  It  is worth waiting a few more weeks in order to make a better game.  Wouldn't you agree?


Maxxor CardThey talked a little about its inception by bringing together elements of trading card game play such as Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh (which are also owned by 4Kids) and combine it with the technology kids and teenagers are using today.  In order to do this they had to think outside the box a little bit and create something a bit different than what is already out there. First they had to design a concept for the game, then create two different elements for the game -- the physical and virtual play -- and then work out all the details.   The cards themselves are like those of the other games and include the age old system of attributes for each character (there will be four).  Now they took this a step further -- they have mixed up the attributes for each card.  What I mean by this is that if you have attibutes of 80, 90, 80, 70 for your Maxxor (see picture(, someone else that has a Maxxor card will have a different combination of these attributes, possibly 70, 60, 80, 95.  This means that if you come up against someone with the same type of monster/character, there will be the added excitement of fighting against the same character with different attributes.  4Kids then took this a step further to bring it online.  Each and every card will have its own unique number at the bottom of the card.  You will be able to use these numbers online to use this card virtually against other players around the country. [It will be available first within the U.S., then internationally within the next year or so. - wouldn't it be cool for someone in Des Moines, Iowa to battle against someone from Sidney, Australia?]  Also as an FYI, the game is set up so you can use different numbers of cards in a hand - so you are not restricted by having only 5, or 7, etc., it can vary -- another cool change from other games.


We have not yet seen what their online site has to offer.  There are a few things to do their now by putting in the correct codes (if you have not found the codes and want to take the easy way, you can get them from our chaotic codes page).  The developers on the conference call said that the site will be amazing and is now in Beta testing.  That means that it is almost complete, but we will make our own decisions as to how "awsome" the site is once we begin using it.


Another cool tidbit we learned is that they are planning to have a video game tie-in with the show and one long range plan will include a comic book.  4Kids knows how to use its properties very wisely, and although it was not mentioned, I could probably see little Tom and Maxxor action figures, and McDonalds or Burger King giveaways.


Next week we will have the distinct pleasure of talking to Bryan Gannon, the CEO of TC Digital Games, the company that is behind the whole Chaotic idea, design and implementaion.  I am sure that there are a few things that I am forgetting to tell you, but if I remember, I'll let you know in my next post.


Keep on gaming,







From: dunchaotic

"This is a great site and I am inpressed so far with all the up to date info you guys have on chaotic keep up the good job.

------------>LED: Thanks for the compliments, we will try to do our best and make the best site for all of the Chaotic fans out there.  If there is anything we can do to improve the site, please let us know.


From: Alex

"Chaotic is an awsome game i cant wait until it come out does any one no when that is"

------------>LED: It is coming out June 27th!!!


From: eric

"how do I get your deck"

------------>LED: I'll let you know my game username once the game goes live and you all can challenge me then.


From: chaoticman

thank,s dude ....

------------>LED: Your welcom.




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