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Worlds of Chaotic


Earth is home to our main characters. Here, Chaotic is a trading card game that’s popular worldwide.  Kids can compete either in person or online. However, if a lucky player receives a mysterious PassWord it opens the doorway to…



Chaotic is where players play the game – for real – in the Battledromes where they build their BattleTeams and ultimately transform – via the Codes – into the actual battling Creatures.


Outside the Battledromes, Chaotic is a place where players interact with one another, hang out at the Chaotic “PortCourt” and watch the battles on big screens. When it’s time to build up their decks, players need to scan Creatures, Locations, BattleGear and Mugix, and that means a trip to…



Perim – where much of the action of Chaotic takes place – is a place of magic, danger and adventure.  It’s divided into two known realms:  the OverWorld and the UnderWorld.  Both realms have a variety of Locations, each with its own unique character and effects on Creatures.  Four known Tribes inhabit the realms:  the OverWorlders, the UnderWorlders, the Danians and the Mipedians.


Though Perim’s Creatures live in a magical world, they are subject to the same kinds of personal jealousies, deep-seated animosities and bitter rivalries familiar to humans.  However, for ages, they have all fought each other for resources, power, prestige, knowledge and the most elusive, most valuable thing of all: the Source – the legendary font of the magic power of Perim.  All the magic of Perim’s Creatures, BattleGear, Mugix and Locations flows from the Source. 


The Source is what all the tribes desperately seek. Whoever controls it controls their tribe’s destiny and the destiny of all of Perim.  No one knows precisely what it is or where it is.  Only that it is.




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