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Tribes of Chaotic




The OverWorlders are, more or less, the good guys.   They live in the OverWorld, the above-ground portion of Perim.  The OverWorld is most like Earth.  It has a vast variety of geographic Locations.  Generally, OverWorlders fight fair and are the most “human” and mammal-like.   The OverWorlders have diverse element attack abilities, using combinations of Earth, Air, Fire and Water Element Attacks.

Maxxor is the OverWorld leader.



The Mipedians are the lizard-like tribe.  The Mipedians have generally sided, partially by default, with the OverWorlders.)  They live in Locations hospitable for lizards in the OverWorld – sandy deserts, canyons, salt flats, oases, tropical rainforests, bayous, swamps and jungles. Their ability to become invisible can compensate for their relative weakness. Mipedians are generally Air Element Attackers.  Mipedians have a monarchy of sorts and the tribe is ruled by fighting royals.



The UnderWorlders are, more or less,  the bad guys.  Physically they are (generally) like demonic gargoyles.  They fight “dirty,” with fiery, oily, steamy, toxic, burning Attacks. Some can also use Earth, Water and/or Air Element Attacks.  UnderWorlders live below the OverWorld in an equally vast and varied subterranean world.  Chaor is the UnderWorld leader.



The Danians are the insect-like Creatures who live in a vast area of the UnderWorld called Pillar Mountain – a mountain range, which they have made their colony. The Danians have loosely, erratically aligned themselves with the UnderWorlders.  They tend to use Fire and/or Earth Element Attacks, but they also have a “Hive Strategy” (strength in numbers). The Danians’ social structure is a hierarchy, with A, B and C type mandiblors at the lowest rungs, which are essentially “foot soldiers.”


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