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List of Cards in Chaotic TCG Series 1

Dawn of Perim: Full Set
Card # Card Name Card Type Tribe
(if applicable)
1 Arias Creature OverWorld Common
2 Attacat Creature OverWorld Uncommon
3 Blazier Creature OverWorld Super Rare
4 Blügon Creature OverWorld Rare
5 Bodal Creature OverWorld Common
6 Crawsectus Creature OverWorld Super Rare
7 Donmar Creature OverWorld Rare
8 Dractyl Creature OverWorld Common
9 Frafdo Creature OverWorld Uncommon
10 Gespedan Creature OverWorld Common
11 Heptadd Creature OverWorld Ultra Rare
12 Intress Creature OverWorld Super Rare
13 Laarina Creature OverWorld Uncommon
14 Maglax Creature OverWorld Uncommon
15 Maxxor Creature OverWorld Ultra Rare
16 Najarin Creature OverWorld Rare
17 Owis Creature OverWorld Super Rare
18 Psimion Creature OverWorld Common
19 Rellim Creature OverWorld Uncommon
20 Slurhk Creature OverWorld Common
21 Staluk Creature OverWorld Rare
22 Tangath Toborn Creature OverWorld Super Rare
23 Tartarek Creature OverWorld Rare
24 Velreth Creature OverWorld Uncommon
25 Vidav Creature OverWorld Common
26 Xaerv Creature OverWorld Uncommon
27 Yokkis Creature OverWorld Super Rare
28 Zalic Creature OverWorld Rare
29 Barath Beyond Creature UnderWorld Super Rare
30 Borth-Majar Creature UnderWorld Super Rare
31 Chaor Creature UnderWorld Ultra Rare
32 Dardemus Creature UnderWorld Common
33 Drakness Creature UnderWorld Super Rare
34 Ghuul Creature UnderWorld Common
35 Grook Creature UnderWorld Uncommon
36 H'earring Creature UnderWorld Uncommon
37 Kerric Creature UnderWorld Uncommon
38 Khybon Creature UnderWorld Uncommon
39 Klasp Creature UnderWorld Rare
40 Krekk Creature UnderWorld Common
41 Kughar Creature UnderWorld Common
42 Lord Van Bloot Creature UnderWorld Ultra Rare
43 Magmon Creature UnderWorld Rare
44 Miklon Creature UnderWorld Common
45 Nauthilax Creature UnderWorld Uncommon
46 Pyrithion Creature UnderWorld Rare
47 Rarran Creature UnderWorld Uncommon
48 Rothar Creature UnderWorld Rare
49 Skithia Creature UnderWorld Uncommon
50 Skreeth Creature UnderWorld Rare
51 Solvis Creature UnderWorld Rare
52 Takinom Creature UnderWorld Super Rare
53 Toxis Creature UnderWorld Uncommon
54 Ulmar Creature UnderWorld Super Rare
55 Xield Creature UnderWorld Super Rare
56 Zaur Creature UnderWorld Common
57 Ekuud Creature Danian Rare
58 Formicidor Creature Danian Common
59 Galin Creature Danian Uncommon
60 Hota Creature Danian Uncommon
61 Ibiaan Creature Danian Uncommon
62 Junda Creature Danian Common
63 Kannen Creature Danian Rare
64 Kebna Creature Danian Uncommon
65 Lhad Creature Danian Common
66 Lore Creature Danian Super Rare
67 Mallash Creature Danian Rare
68 Odu-Bathax Creature Danian Rare
69 Skartalas Creature Danian Common
70 Valanii Levaan Creature Danian Uncommon
71 Wamma Creature Danian Common
72 Ario Creature Mipedian Rare
73 Biondu Creature Mipedian Common
74 Brathe Creature Mipedian Uncommon
75 Malvadine Creature Mipedian Uncommon
76 Marquis Darini Creature Mipedian Rare
77 Prince Mudeenu Creature Mipedian Super Rare
78 Qwun Creature Mipedian Common
79 Shimmark Creature Mipedian Uncommon
80 Siado Creature Mipedian Common
81 Sobtjek Creature Mipedian Uncommon
82 Tiaane Creature Mipedian Rare
83 Ubliqun Creature Mipedian Rare
84 Uro Creature Mipedian Common
85 Vinta Creature Mipedian Uncommon
86 Zhade Creature Mipedian Common
87 Allmageddon Attack   Super Rare
88 Ash Torrent Attack   Uncommon
89 Coil Crush Attack   Super Rare
90 Degenervate Attack   Rare
91 Delerium Attack   Common
92 Ektospasm Attack   Common
93 Ember Swarm Attack   Uncommon
94 Evaporize Attack   Rare
95 Fearocity Attack   Super Rare
96 Flame Orb Attack   Super Rare
97 Flash Kick Attack   Uncommon
98 Flash Mend Attack   Rare
99 Flashwarp Attack   Common
100 Frost Blight Attack   Super Rare
101 Hail Storm Attack   Super Rare
102 Hive Call Attack   Rare
103 Incinerase Attack   Rare
104 Inferno Gust Attack   Uncommon
105 Iron Balls Attack   Super Rare
106 Lavalanche Attack   Super Rare
107 Lightning Burst Attack   Uncommon
108 Lucky Shot Attack   Ultra Rare
109 Megaroar Attack   Ultra Rare
110 Mirthquake Attack   Rare
111 Paral-Eyes Attack   Rare
112 Pebblestorm Attack   Common
113 Power Pulse Attack   Rare
114 Quick Exit Attack   Common
115 Rip Tide Attack   Uncommon
116 Rock Wave Attack   Super Rare
117 Rustoxic Attack   Uncommon
118 Shadow Strike Attack   Common
119 Shriek Shock Attack   Common
120 Skeletal Strike Attack   Rare
121 Sleep Sting Attack   Rare
122 Sludge Gush Attack   Super Rare
123 Spirit Gust Attack   Common
124 Squeeze Play Attack   Uncommon
125 Steam Rage Attack   Common
126 Telekinetic Bolt Attack   Super Rare
127 Thunder Shout Attack   Common
128 Tornado Tackle Attack   Rare
129 Torrent of Flame Attack   Common
130 Toxic Gust Attack   Super Rare
131 Unsanity Attack   Uncommon
132 Velocitrap Attack   Common
133 Vine Snare Attack   Uncommon
134 Viperlash Attack   Rare
135 Windslash Attack   Uncommon
136 Aqua Shield Battlegear   Super Rare
137 Cyclance Battlegear   Rare
138 Diamond of Vlaric Battlegear   Rare
139 Dragon Pulse Battlegear   Common
140 Elixir Of Tenacity Battlegear   Common
141 Flux Bauble Battlegear   Rare
142 Gauntlets of Might Battlegear   Common
143 Liquilizer Battlegear   Rare
144 Mipedian Cactus Battlegear   Super Rare
145 Mowercycle Battlegear   Common
146 Mugician's Lyre Battlegear   Common
147 Nexus Fuse Battlegear   Super Rare
148 Orb of Foresight Battlegear   Rare
149 Phobia Mask Battlegear   Uncommon
150 Prism of Vacuity Battlegear   Uncommon
151 Pyroblaster Battlegear   Rare
152 Ring of Na'arin Battlegear   Common
153 Riverland Star Battlegear   Super Rare
154 Skeletal Steed Battlegear   Uncommon
155 Spectral Viewer Battlegear   Rare
156 Staff of Wisdom Battlegear   Common
157 Stone Mail Battlegear   Ultra Rare
158 Talisman of the Mandiblor Battlegear   Super Rare
159 Torrent Krinth Battlegear   Uncommon
160 Torwegg Battlegear   Uncommon
161 Viledriver Battlegear   Uncommon
162 Vlaric Shard Battlegear   Uncommon
163 Whepcrack Battlegear   Super Rare
164 Windstrider Battlegear   Super Rare
165 Decrescendo Mugic Generic Common
166 Ember Flourish Mugic Generic Uncommon
167 Fortissimo Mugic Generic Super Rare
168 Geo Flourish Mugic Generic Uncommon
169 Interlude of Consequence Mugic Generic Super Rare
170 Minor Flourish Mugic Generic Common
171 Song of EmberNova Mugic Generic Rare
172 Song of Futuresight Mugic Generic Common
173 Song of GeoNova Mugic Generic Rare
174 Song of Truesight Mugic Generic Common
175 Cascade Symphony Mugic OverWorld Rare
176 Hymn of the Elements Mugic OverWorld Common
177 Mugic Reprise Mugic OverWorld Ultra Rare
178 OverWorld Aria Mugic OverWorld Super Rare
179 Refrain of Denial Mugic OverWorld Super Rare
180 Song of Focus Mugic OverWorld Uncommon
181 Song of Resurgence Mugic OverWorld Uncommon
182 Song of Stasis Mugic OverWorld Rare
183 Canon of Casualty Mugic UnderWorld Uncommon
184 Discord of Disarming Mugic UnderWorld Uncommon
185 Melody of Malady Mugic UnderWorld Super Rare
186 Refrain of Denial (OW) Mugic UnderWorld Super Rare
187 Song of Asperity Mugic UnderWorld Rare
188 Song of Fury Mugic UnderWorld Rare
189 Song of Revival (UW) Mugic UnderWorld Ultra Rare
190 Song of Treachery Mugic UnderWorld Common
191 Chorus of the Hive Mugic Danian Common
192 Refrain of Denial (OW/UW) Mugic Danian Uncommon
193 Song of Mandiblor Mugic Danian Super Rare
194 Song of Resistance Mugic Danian Uncommon
195 Song of Surprisal Mugic Danian Common
196 Song of Symmetry Mugic Danian Rare
197 Fanfare of the Vanishing Mugic Mipedian Rare
198 Melody of Mirage Mugic Mipedian Rare
199 Notes of Neverwhere Mugic Mipedian Common
200 Song of Deflection Mugic Mipedian Ultra Rare
201 Song of Recovery Mugic Mipedian Uncommon
202 Trills of Diminution Mugic Mipedian Common
203 Castle Bodhran Location   Super Rare
204 Castle Pillar Location   Ultra Rare
205 Cordac Falls Location   Common
206 Cordac Falls Plungepool Location   Common
207 Crystal Cave Location   Uncommon
208 Doors of the Deepmines Location   Uncommon
209 Dranakis Threshold Location   Super Rare
210 Everrain Location   Uncommon
211 Eye of the Maelstrom Location   Uncommon
212 Fear Valley Location   Uncommon
213 Forest of Life Location   Common
214 Gigantempopolis Location   Uncommon
215 Glacier Plains Location   Super Rare
216 Gloomuck Swamp Location   Common
217 Gothos Tower Location   Rare
218 Iron Pillar Location   Super Rare
219 Kiru City Location   Rare
220 Lake Ken-I-Po Location   Ultra Rare
221 Lava Pond Location   Rare
222 Mipedim Oasis Location   Rare
223 Mount Pillar Location   Rare
224 Ravanaugh Ridge Location   Common
225 Riverlands Location   Uncommon
226 Runic Grove Location   Common
227 Stone Pillar Location   Super Rare
228 Storm Tunnel Location   Common
229 Stronghold Morn Location   Super Rare
230 UnderWorld City Location   Super Rare
231 UnderWorld Colosseum Location   Rare
232 Wooden Pillar Location   Super Rare





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