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Creatures of Chaotic


Generally, the Creatures featured in the series are those most actively engaged in inter-tribe conflicts.  They are combatants, which is why they are sought by the Players for scanning.  However, each area of Perim is populated by other “tribe people” who are usually not involved with actual battles.


All Creatures have “magical” powers which usually manifest themselves as Attacks used in battle.  They also have distinct, individual personalities just as the human characters do. 


Creatures’ Powers are grouped into five “Element” categories:  Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Discipline.  The types of Attacks Creatures can use are based on their personal Attack Element(s). 


In addition, all Creatures can use Discipline Attacks.  Discipline Attacks are based on the four Disciplines:  Speed, Courage, Wisdom and Strength. Each Creature has its own numeric Discipline Rating for each of the four Disciplines. Depending on target Discipline Ratings, Creatures may be able to Attack and lessen a target Creature’s Life points. 


List of Chaotic Creatures

[The below list was copied from Wikipedia at]


Agitos - UnderWorlder and staunch supporter of the tribe's values. Known for having a lack of speed.
Antidaeon -
Arias - An OverWorlder that looks like a humanoid ram. Arias is one of Maxxor's friends.
Ario - Mipedian who can't use invisibility.
Attacat - A giant cat-like warrior of the OverWorld. However, despite his frightful appearance, Attacat is a big coward.

Banshor - An UnderWorlder that resembles a banshee.
Barath-Beyond - An UnderWorlder.
Blaizer - OverWorld mapmaker.
Blugon - A furry creature native to the permanent frost of the Glacier Plain. He looks similar to a yeti. Raimusa is his only friend.
Bodal - A weak, nebbish and annoying creature who saved Tom. In exchange, he asks that Tom scan him to use in his next Chaotic battle.
Borth-Majar - A two-in one creature. Borth is a small green creature while Majar was a large rock monster. Both work in symbiosis as brain and brawn. Long ago, Borth and Majar didn't get along so well and while fighting Staluk, they were separated and tried to fight for themselves. However, neither of them could focus their powers so Majar suggested they work together. Though they don't always work together, they pack a powerful punch when they do.

Chaor - Leader of the UnderWorld Tribe.
Crawsectus - An OverWorlder resembling a giant lobster.
Cerbie - An UnderWorlder that resembles a cerberus. Cerbie guards the UnderWorld end of the Passage.
Cromax-An ofshoot of Maxxor's family that is more savage and more powerful

Danians - A race of humanoid insects that live and function together much like actual insect colonies.
Dardemus - An UnderWorlder. Dardemus is a guard in the UnderWorld prison known as "The Pits."
Deenha - An OverWorlder.
Dractyl - A giant pterodactyl-like OverWorlder. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is actually cowardly. Kaz trades Dractyl's scales to H'earring for scans.
Drakness - A ghost-like creature. Lets anyone scan it.

Ekuud - Member of the Danian Tribe with four powerful arms that hold four giant swords.
Ettala - An OverWorlder that resembles a cyclops. Ettala guards Castle Mommark.

Frafdo - A bird-like OverWorlder skilled with a bow and arrow. He is able to fly despite not having any wings.

Gespedan - A very fast blue OverWorlder that resembles a goat.
Gharnet - An OverWorlder who is great when he battles.
Gilhamw -
Grook - A very powerful UnderWorld Taskmaster. Grook scoffs at Mugicians, preferring to use his bare hands instead of sorcery.
Ghuul - An UnderWorlder

H'earring - An UnderWorlder and Kaz's Perim guide. He shows Kaz some of the best monsters and battlegear to scan such as Borth-Majar in exchange for Dractyl scales, which he eats.
Heptadd - An OverWorlder with the power to wield all four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water.
Hota - Member of the Danian Tribe.
Hoton - An OverWorlder that resembled a humanoid owl. Hoton was once a leader of a small village near Castle Bodhran before it was destroyed by UnderWorlders. Hidden in the far corners of Perim he found hieroglyphics to a powerful attack called Allmageddon. He returned to his village, and when the UnderWorlders came back, Allmageddon destroyed them, but it also destroyed the village. Hoton now spends his days trying to rebuild, barely pausing to rest or eat.

Ibiaan - Member of the Danian Tribe.
Intress - A female tiger-like humanoid. She saved the OverWorld from an UnderWorld invasion.
Iparu - An OverWorlder with the ability to shapeshift, seen in the episode when Tom, Kaz, Peyton and Sara are looking for him and get attacked by Rothar.

Jhad - Member of the Danian Tribe
Jovan -
Junda - Member of the Danian Tribe
Jaraxor -
Jiggorex -

Katarin -
Kerric - An UnderWorlder resembling a humanoid mosquito.
Klasp - An UnderWorlder who has jaws that can crush both rock and steel.
Krekk - An UnderWorlder resembling a gargoyle. He lives near Gothos Tower and sides with Lord Van Bloot against Chaor.
Kughar - An irritable UnderWorlder living in Fear Valley.
Khybon - An UnderWorlder

Laarina - An OverWorld thief
Lord Van Bloot - Chaor's second-in command. Van Bloot is constantly scheming to overthrow Chaor and conquer Perim for himself.
Lore - A Danian Battlemaster and Mugician, Lore believes that their tribe should extend its territory beyond Mount Pillar and into the UnderWorld
Lhad - Member of the Danian Tribe
Lomma - An OverWorlder

Maglax - An OverWorlder created by Mommark's experiments resembling a living battery.
Magmon - An UnderWorlder resembling a mass of living volcanic rock.
Mallash- Member of the Danian Tribe.
Malvadine - Member of the Mipedian Tribe
Marquis Darini - Member of the Mipedian Tribe.
Maxxor - Leader of the OverWorld. Currently returned to leadership after curing the effects of the Decomposition mugic used by Lord Van Bloot.
Mezzmarr - Half fishman, half sea serpent and a scout for the OverWorlder Maxxor
Mipedians - A race of lizard-men at odds with the OverWorlders possessing the power to turn invisible to the naked eye.
Mishmoshmish - UnderWorlder
Mommark - OverWorlder scientist specializing in experiments with Mugic.
Miklon -
Mixcor -

Najarin - A OverWorld master mugician
Nauthilax - An UnderWorlder spy
Nors -

Odu-Bathax - Battle commander for the Danian Tribe, first seen in the episode "Bugging Out." Odu-Bathax loves testing new Battlegear on his own subordinates.
Orth - An OverWorlder
Owis - An OverWorlder that resembles a humanoid goat.

Prantix- OverWorlder who controls fire and earth.
Prince Mudeenu- Leader of the Mipedian Tribe.
Psimion -
Pyrithion - An UnderWorlder resembling a humanoid cobra.

Quadore - An OverWorlder resembling a fairy (butterfly/human cross)
Qwun - Member of the Mipedian Tribe

Raimusa - An OverWorlder that resembles a samurai
Rellim - An OverWorlder
Rothar- An UnderWorlder that resembles a minotaur. Rothar is very honorable.
Ribbian -
Reron - An UnderWorlder who resembles a bat.

Shimmark - Member of the Mipedian Tribe
Siado - Member of the Mipedian Tribe
Skithia - UnderWorlder
Slurhk- Possibly the only ruthless or evil OverWorlder. Looks like a giant scorpion.
Staluk - Horse-headed centaur-like OverWorlder. He considers scanning him without his permission to be stealing, and will angrily pursue anyone who does so.
Spyder - UnderWorlder with the appearance and abilities of his namesake
Stelgar - UnderWorlder with many tentacles.
Screeth - Ghost-like UnderWorlder. First seen in Scavenger Scan.

Takinom - Crown-princess of the UnderWorld, first seen in the episode "Welcome to Chaotic, Part 1." Takinom can sacrifice her allies to replenish energy lost in battle.
Tangath Toborn - A lion-man from the OverWorld tribe.
Tartarek - OverWorlder resembling an elderly tortoise-man. He has the power to trade places with any creature next to him on a player's battling team.
Tharax - A crab-like UnderWorlder
Thonder - An OverWorlder
Tianne - Member of the Mipedian Tribe and Mugician, Tianne possesses the power to self-destruct in order to defeat his enemies.
Toadore - An UnderWorlder resembling a bloated toad.
Toxis - An UnderWorlder with a stench so foul, even others of his tribe find him unpleasant.

Ulfhedinn - Tiger-like OverWorlder who refuses to wear armor into battle.
Ulmar - An UnderWorld inventor who created the Viledriver
Ursis - A Yeti-like OverWorlder with antennae. CodeMaster Crellen used this creature against Tom to prove to him that he can win a match without Maxxor (even though he didn't).

Velreth - An OverWorlder
Vidav - An OverWorlder that resembles a humanoid white tiger in a hooded robe. He was Hoton's friend and revealed to Tom, Kaz, Peyton, and Sarah how Hoton discovered a powerful attack called Allmageddon.

Wamma - Member of the Danian Tribe, first seen in the episode "Bugging Out"

Xaerv - An OverWorlder who uses a torwegg a lot to travel. He often hangs out at the Storm Tunnel.

Yokkis - The Perim prankster. Loves to play jokes on unsuspecting creatures. Rumoured to have as much power as Maxxor.

Zaur - A 12-foot high ankylosarus-like UnderWorlder.
Zhade - Member of the Mipedian Tribe, Zhade is their best spy.
Zhield - An UnderWorlder resembling a cross between a tortoise and a beetle. Zhield is a friend of H'earring's and can be used both as a battling creature and as a Battlegear.
Zalic - An OverWorlder who is the guardian of the Passage, a path that separates the OverWorld and UnderWorld. Zalic is Intress' closest friend.
Zalvar - An UnderWorlder that looks like a big blue cat.



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