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Characters in Chaotic




Tom and Kaz are typical teenagers who live next door to each other in a typical suburban town.


Though both love Chaotic, Tom is more focused on the experience of Chaotic, while Kaz is more focused on building his deck and winning his battles. 


Tom – mainly an OverWorld player – loves meeting Creatures, exploring their world and experiencing excitement and adventure.  At first, though, he is very shocked and overwhelmed by transporting to Chaotic, transforming into his battling Creatures and experiencing the battle “for real.” Tom quickly gets over his fear and becomes a bold – maybe too bold – risk taker and thrill seeker. 


Kaz – mainly an UnderWorld player – focuses on the game, becoming a better player and improving his battle skills and his collection.  He tends to be more cautious and less adventurous; preferring to calculate the odds before taking a risk, unless rare Creatures, BattleGear and MugicSpheres are at stake.  Kaz frequently warns Tom about the dangers of Perim, and Tom usually ignores Kaz. 


Though they are close friends, there is a bit of a rivalry between the boys.  Kaz strives to stay on top of his game by using his head.  Tom is a naturally gifted player – he believes in going with his gut feelings in all situations. 



Peyton is a comic character.  He is a formidable yet quirky Chaotic player.  Peyton speaks in slang, has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game and Perim; his intense opinions; his appearance and his unorthodox style of battle and the way he expresses himself all lead to comedy.  He looks funny, talks funny and acts funny.  He likes to test unusual theories and strategies in battle, which, shockingly, lead to victory more often than not.  Though he loves to win -- especially with his Mipedian Creatures -- Peyton will also battle using some of Perim’s freakiest Creatures, just to have the experience of transforming into them and “feeling their vibes.”



Sarah is the smart, spunky female sidekick who uses loves to speak her mind.  A fearless and shrewd Chaotic player, she is the most likely to get into a fight with the boys and the other Players.  Sara is not afraid to take on a Creature who gets her angry, so the boys sometimes have to drag her out of danger in

Perim.  She’s very protective of the boys and would do anything to help them.  Because Sarah has a life-long interest in insects, she’s naturally drawn to the ant-like Danians.



Kristella and Klay are the creepy, twin brother-and-sister team of pranksters (also known as the “Gruesome Twosome”).  Though they don’t look alike, they dress alike and do everything together.  The twins’ favorite activity – besides battling in Chaotic – is sabotaging our lead characters.  Kristella and Klay are snobbish, conceited, rude and patronizing.


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