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About Chaotic


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Chaotic Story Overview



Chaotic is the first entertainment brand specifically designed to unite the worlds of immersive story-telling, role-playing and technology.  The revolutionary trading card game brings together on-air, on-line and in-person game play.


In the new television series on 4Kids TV, two teenage boys, Tom and Kazdan, discover a portal to the secret world of Perim while playing the Chaotic Trading Card Game.  Perim is a parallel universe which is inhabited by four tribes consisting of hundreds of unique creatures.


The boys discover that the one-of-a-kind, alphanumeric codes on their trading cards are actually scans of these living creatures, much like super-charged DNA.  When challenged to a battle, the Chaotic player transforms into a creature whose scan they just captured.  The winner keeps the other player’s creature code.  When they aren’t battling, the boys use their Scanners to transport themselves from Chaotic to Perim, scanning Creatures, BattleGear, Mugix and Locations to use in the Battledromes – high-tech “holodecks” where Players use their Scanners to build BattleTeams, just as they do on Earth. To read an article about Chaotic in USA Today, click here.


The television series is all about the game and the game is all about the code.



At the core of the Chaotic card game is the concept that everything in the universe – every person, place and thing – has its own, unique Code that represents the totality of its reality. 


For Creatures in Perim, Chaotic Code is their DNA plus – all physical, psychological, intellectual and emotional descriptors: strength, memory, appearance, ability, and attitude – even what they’re wearing –at the instant they're scanned. 


For BattleGear and Mugix, the Chaotic Code contains all physical and material descriptors plus any magical powers and properties they possess when scanned.


The Chaotic Code of Locations contains the Codes of all the objects within the Location plus their pertinent space/time descriptors. (This excludes Creatures, BattleGear and Mugix within the Location).


Naturally, because everything is in a constant state of change, the Codes of the original Creatures, BattleGear, Mugix and Locations continue to change. That’s why Creatures, BattleGear, Mugix and Locations can be scanned hundreds of times and never have the same Code.


Using the Chaotic Codes from their Chaotic cards, Players enter a new dimension in gaming as they collect, trade and battle with unique, virtual cards in the online world of Perim. 

Bonus Collectible Content

Each week, each card will also entitle the chaotic player to an additional item that is added to the scanner. These items are all interactive content that paints a picture of part of the Chaotic world, from the



You can discover the code from the card art listed here


Week 1
Creature Scanner Game – practice scanning monsters in this new game!


Week 2

Overworld Map – an interact flash map of the Overworld of Perim, with key information available

Week 3

Bonus 10,000 points

Cheat codes for Scanner Game


Week 4

IM with Tom or Kaz to find out some secrets about Chaotic!


Week 5

Audio podcast - Intercept an encoded message that Chaor sent to all Underworlders regarding a plot against the Overworld. 


Week 6

New Chaotic Flash Game


Week 7

Underworld Map


Week 8

Mugic Activity


When the player amasses 40,000 my4kids points (possible simply by completing all 8 card questions with bonus content), the player can purchase the 9th card in the my4kids marketplace.


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